Reagan’s 1982 speech to the British Parliament

On June 18, 1982, in less than 35 minutes, President Reagan delivered a speech that would help to change the world. Addressing the British Parliament, he roused the dormant British courage – recently rekindled with their election of Margaret Thatcher – to stand up against the Soviet Empire, on principle, and on every front. He laid out the core basis for the ideological battle, and the need for preparation for military ones, if it came to that. In either case, he said, we must not lay down in the face of the murderous collectivist ideology:

2007: A look back on Reagan’s speech by Ed Meese

Here is commentary by Reagan’s close friend and Attorney General Ed Meese, on the pivotal importance and impact of this speech, and how, less than ten years after delivering it, the events that Reagan foresaw – which the “experts” said were impossible – happened.


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