My debut documentary film, about anti-Semitic media bias


On March 1, 2016, my first documentary film debuted at, the website I created and edit for a pro-freedom philanthropist, Kenneth Abramowitz.

The film, “The Huffington Post’s Anti-Semitic Bias and Incitement During the Third Intifada,” focuses on how the world’s most-read online “newspaper,” which insists it is not partisan, engages in a consistent pattern of legitimizing and whitewashing Palestinian terrorists, dehumanizing their Jewish victims, and inciting hatred against Israel.  I conceived of, wrote, designed, narrated and produced the film, with Ken acting as Executive Producer.  You can watch the entire film (44 minutes) here.

Here is the trailer:

Numerous notable figures in terrorism research and media analysis have praised the film (the following are excerpts; see the full quotes here):

“It is critical that you view this film.”
– Paul E. Vallely
Maj. General, U.S. Army (Ret)

“This film is an incredible, devastating expose of how the Huffington Post’s point of view on the Middle East has resulted in unbelievably biased reporting, misleading its readers into favoring the terrorists’ narratives.”
– Ryan Mauro
National Security Analyst,

“Watch this film, and share the heck out of it. The world needs to know.”
– Wayne Kopping
Film director, “The Thrid Jihad”

Here is a short video containing the praise by these and other figures:

Since the debut of my film, HuffPost has now taken down its search engine, meaning that those who wish to follow the extensive links I provide, to prove my assertions, now find themselves at dead (404) pages.  See a detailed post with supporting video here:

HuffPost has removed its search box, and search engine

On March 8, I was interviewed by South Africa’s ChaiFM radio show about the film. Listen here (17 minutes).

I dedicate this film to all the victims of the latest wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks, known as the Third Intifada, and to the six million Jews who were murdered by anti-Semitic fanatics during the Holocaust.  My family paid a steep price, in that all but a handful of my ancestors were murdered by either Nazis or communists.  My hope is that this film will raise awareness of how anti-Semitism is spreading again, now through one of the most powerful online “news” platforms in the world.






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