Jon Sutz: A creative asset in the defense of liberty


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JSheadshot1I am a multi-talented creative professional who has helped solve complex communications problems for business and liberty advocacy groups for more than 20 years. Originally trained as a graphic designer, I have developed competence in strategic consulting, 3D animation storyboarding and direction, interface design, brand development & logo design, video script writing & direction, publication design, copywriting, deep research, and investigative journalism and documentary production.

Since 1989, I have designed, written and/or directed the production of a wide variety of advertising, educational, skills-training and corporate communications projects for organizations throughout the U.S. and Southeast Asia, including Sharp Electronics, Intel, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Entergy and many others. My varied creative skills and business plan writing ability also helped one of my clients, a small luxury home builder in Central Virginia, to win the most prestigious national award in its industry.

EDL Welfare entitlement spending

An infographic from the Entitlements Destroy Lives project.

My highest skill, however, is transforming complex data and concepts into analytical graphics and visualizations that the average person can grasp and retain.

In 2000, I began applying this skill primarily in the legal industry, consulting on and designing visualization-based courtroom presentations and juror notebook elements. My legal clients claim that this work has been vital in helping them to effectively frame and present their arguments – regarding conflicts ranging from a long-term public dispute over a $100 million property development proposal, to several multi-million dollar cases involving U.S. auto-makers (1, 2), and many more. See my litigation media portfolio here.

My work to advance liberty, and key objectives

As often as possible, I have also worked to help solve complex problems facing the advocacy of liberty. Here are some of the key reasons why I am different from, and I believe more effective than other advocates of liberty.

In addition to my independent research and development in this realm, I’ve earned a track record of distinction for helping advocates of liberty to brand themselves, and craft and deliver messages in innovative, sometimes funny ways. Read some of their comments about my work here.

See my advocacy media portfolio here.

My objective is to devote myself to the advocacy and defense of liberty on a part-time* basis (*details upon request), with organizations that are engaged in principled efforts regarding:

  • Advancing crystal-clear knowledge among the general public of America’s Founders, history and Constitution, and the basic principles of economics. (See a detailed research report that I produced on the urgent need for this work, “The Obstacles To Advancing Liberty Today”; more here.)
  • School choice & academic accountability.
  • Constitutional litigation – particularly regarding First Amendment and property rights.
  • National security and counter-terrorism.
  • Pro-Israel activism.
  • Exposing and combating anti-freedom, anti-America and anti-Israel bias in the media.

Some of the specific ways in which my creative skills can be applied to liberty-oriented organizations and projects include:

  • Consulting on and developing overall communications strategies
  • Crafting innovative project brands, logos, promotional & fundraising material
  • Consulting on and designing 2D and 3D informational graphics and visualizations, for advocacy and litigation applications
  • Developing citizen-activism strategies and support mechanisms

Some of my liberty-oriented advocacy credits and testimonials

2015 update: Also see the website I created for a liberty-oriented client,, and the archive of my posts.

LostLibertyHotel-smallFreestar Media: “The Lost Liberty Hotel”
Should a local government have the power to seize the home or business of a low- or modest-income person, and give it to a larger business, if the latter might be able to create more jobs or tax revenue with it? By a 5-4 margin, in 2005 the U.S. Supreme Court voted “yes” (Kelo). Soon after, I helped to inspire and did key creative work on a humorously serious campaign to test this ruling, by attempting to seize the home one of the supporting Justices, and turn it into the “Lost Liberty Hotel,” featuring the “Just Desserts Cafe’.” “I love this! This is how you fight this stuff! You turn it right around on them!” – Rush Limbaugh. See the project profile here.

0-300x225The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) Zuhdi Jasser, MD is a nuclear cardiologist who founded and leads the AIFD, a pro-freedom, anti-terrorism, anti-Islamist Muslim think tank. For background on Dr. Jasser and the monumental challenges he faces, see his bio, the documentary “The Third Jihad,” and his recent book, “A Battle For The Soul Of Islam.” From 2007-2012 I provided creative consulting, graphic design, writing-editing and research services to the AIFD. “Jon’s input has been essential to the success of the AIFD, and our efforts to take it to ‘the next level.’… (He is) an individual who loves the ideas of liberty.” – M. Zuhdi Jasser, MD. See the project profile here.

VOTORS-chartsVirginians Over-Taxed On Residences (VOTORS) VOTORS was founded by airline pilot Al Aitken to build grassroots support for an amendment to the VA constitution that would help prevent the poor and those on fixed incomes from being taxed out of their homes. VOTORS’ proposal involved limiting local governments’ ability to excessively raise property value assessments and taxes. My challenge was to re-create all of VOTORS’ outreach materials, including its logo, brochure, and develop infographics to help explain its proposal, especially to low-information and limited-literacy citizens. “Jon’s new VOTORS materials… look as if they came from a very expensive New York advertising agency. Truly impressive!” – Al Aitken. See the project profile here.

EDL-Cruelty-childEntitlements Destroy Lives (EDL) EDL is a think tank that focuses on: (1) Exposing the destructive impact that the Welfare Entitlement mentality has on recipients, and on America’s economy and culture; (2) Helping to match those who are caught up in the “entitlement entanglement” with the resources and support mechanisms to become self-reliant. For two years, I provided an array of creative services to EDL’s founder, Jim Morris, led the development of EDL’s business plan, and created several key advertising approaches and a “sketch” website. “Jon has been tremendously important to (EDL)… through his graphic design and writing abilities, he has been able to convey EDL’s core message in a coherent and persuasive way.” – Jim Morris. See the project profile here.

eagle2_165838cU.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger (d. 2011) Starting in 2008 and until his passing in 2011, I had the good fortune to become a friend of, and for a brief time, a consultant to Sec. Eagleburger. Most of my work involved tutoring him on the basics of blogging, designing the architecture of his first personal blog site, which I also helped name, “Diplomatic Dispatches,” and researching and organizing an archive of his media appearances. His overarching purpose in this effort was to convey his great concerns regarding nuclear proliferation, and key information that would be helpful in preventing any future fiascoes, such as allowing North Korea to create its first nuclear weapon. At the time of his passing, we were working on his first blog article, which was to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although I did not obtain a testimonial from Sec. Eagleburger (as my work was not completed), his sons have offered to validate for any inquirer that I indeed performed the work described. See the project profile here.

To learn more about my work, and how my creativity, skills and innovation might be profitably applied to your organization’s mission-critical projects, please call (434) 825-8428 or email me.

Download a printable version of this document here.