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See my complete Litigation Media Portfolio for detailed case studies and client testimonials.

Land use dispute over proposed $100 million condominium tower

Part of a larger presentation I created that my client, a property developer, claimed helped resolve a multi-year battle over his proposal for a $100 million beachfront condominium tower in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  The presentation also served as the basis of a successful multi-million dollar lawsuit.

See complete project profile here.

Wrongful death case vs. Ford Motor Co.

Analytical graphics for a courtroom presentation that successfully demonstrated how an faulty speed-control cable malfunctioned, and led to a man’s death.

See complete project profile here:




An infographic to help a Charlottesville, VA home builder explain its growth in market share, for its business plan.  This was part of an eight-month consulting project to help position the builder to win the most prestigious national award in its industry.  It won, and credited my work with being a big contributing factor.

See complete project profile here.


An infographic to explain a new Website user experience measurement system.  See complete project profile here.



An infographic to explain what makes a new magazine I created, the Galt Ocean Mile INSIDER, so different from, and better than its competitors.  See the full brochure that contains this infographic here.


A related infographic to explain why the Galt Ocean Mile INSIDER provided superior dollar-for-dollar advertising value than its rivals.  Details here.

GOMI Competitor Analysis.
Media usage research

This infographic (produced in 2010) depicts the fact that while the Internet is rising as a news source, TV still dominates.  More here.



Civic Activism

In recent years, much of my infographics work has been devoted to advocacy-type media.  See my complete Advocacy Media Portfolio for detailed case studies and client testimonials.  Following is some of this work. Other items are viewable only through confidentiality agreement.


GlowingShayna2In honor of my beloved dog Shayna, and reaction to observing numerous incidents of people leaving dogs in hot cars, and how difficult it can be to find reliable information about how dangerous this is, I decided to put my activism and media skills to work, to create a means of raising awareness of all key issues in a unified, contemporary fashion.  The result is a new website that I built from the ground up,

One key aspect of my work was to find a way to consolidate scientific data about how quickly the temperature inside a hot car can rise, even if its windows are cracked.  Using source data from San Francisco State University, I created this infographic to serve as a central fixture of the project, and downloadable-printable flyers that will help combat this phenomenon:


. Hate Crimes in America report

Since the 9/11 attacks, there has been a persistent perception that Muslims in America are at extraordinarily high risk of being the victims of hate crimes. But is it true?

This special infographic report presents the truth about hate crimes in America, and is helping to facilitate a new, fact-based national discussion.  Learn more here.

STW Hate Crimes Report 25July15 Final from JonSutzSTW

Virginia property tax reform proposal

Infographics to explain (1) how, despite real wage fluctuations, property taxes in Virginia kept dramatically rising, and (2) how its proposal would dramatically limit these increases, to help prevent poor and fixed-income homeowners from being taxed out of their homes.  See complete project profile here.

New think tank to combat welfare entitlement mentality, and bankrupting of America

These infographics depict the fact that: (a) when paid-in entitlements (eg Social Security) are removed, half of all federal spending is devoted to welfare entitlement giveaway programs – and (b) the U.S. government is borrowing every cent of the cost of these programs, every year.  See the complete project profile here.

Depiction of assassination scene and sequence of events

I researched and developed this infographic to help obliterate the lie that major world “news” organizations were putting forth as to how a beloved Israeli military officer was killed in a cross-border firefight.  See the complete project profile here.

Home builders association

This infographic was part of a series created to educate local governments about how arbitrary tax policies affect the bottom-line pricing of new housing.   See the complete project profile here.

Civic literacy and perceptions

I created these infographics to supplement a comprehensive research report I produced that indicates how far American culture has drifted (I would argue, been driven) away from an understanding and appreciation of liberty, and of our Constitution’s framework for a federal government with narrow, limited powers.






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