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“Tell me a story!”

Parents often hear that request, particularly at bedtime.

Since humans began using even the most primitive forms of language, they’ve been using stories as a means of conveying ideas, knowledge and lessons.

When well-done, “stories” can captivate an audience and bring them into your world – or the world you wish them to see. (Even when not so well-done, they are often a welcome respite from the stresses and hyperactivity of our modern lives.)

In the realm of business, some people prefer to utilize sales and PR materials that have all the grace and subtlety of a charging rhinoceros.  While some audience members respond favorably (or at least in a desirable manner) to such tactics, many are just tuning out anything that offends their senses.  As the average American is exposed to between 3,500 and 5,000 sales messages every day, it isn’t hard to understand why.

Some are taking a different approach -using storytelling techniques to present key information to prospects and the general public.  Below is a fascinating article that appeared in Forbes in February 2003, “A Story Goes With It,” that discusses the success that some marketers are realizing, by employing storytelling as a sales vehicle:

A Story Goes With It – Forbes by jonsutz

My experience in helping people and organizations to tell their stories

Since 1990, I have helped interesting people and organizations to tell their stories – and they have raved about my work. Examples:

Wallace Co., Inc.: “The Road To The Baldrige” (Corporate video/educational documentary)

“Seven Questions For” features (Business-personal profiles)

Sharp Electronics: “Future Lab” (Introduction segment of educational software)

The Committee for the Moral Defense of Microsoft (Print ad for activist group; analogy to story of competitive athletics)

Gaffney Homes: Marketing media consulting; America’s Best Builder project (Storytelling utilized in key components of application for prestigious award)

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