“Cinema de Liberty”


“Cinema de Liberty” is actually three “theaters,” each of which is devoted to providing visitors to JonSutz.com with vital information on one aspect of the struggle to renew liberty in America:

Theater 1: “How We Got Here”
Films from twenty, thirty, fifty years ago, that predicted serious trouble for the American republic – the bitter fruit of which we are now bearing (as documented in Theater 2).

Theater 2: “Where We Are”
The sad, disturbing reality of indoctrinated ignorance and misconceptions that our intellectual and cultural vanguard strenuously avoid discussing.  Which is slightly ironic, as they are responsible for both having produced this state of affairs, and are dependent on it to maintain their power, status and near-invulnerability.

Theater 3: “Where We’re Headed”
Projections from reality-based experts on where present trends are leading, if advocates of liberty are unsuccessful in their efforts to introduce significant swaths of the general public to the essentials, very soon.

Skeptics of the shocking data and allegations contained in “The Obstacles To Advancing Liberty Today” will most likely find Theaters 1 and 2 to be extremely illuminating (or disturbing, depending on their values).


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