Marketing: Animated promo video for Intel’s first wireless modems

Background: Intel was preparing to launch the computer industry’s first line of cellular and radio modems for portable PCs, and wished develop a video to introduce marketing executives to these products, in a very dramatic fashion.

The Challenge: I was retained by TRACER Design, a Phoenix, AZ multimedia and animation studio, to write the narrative script for, and design the storyboard for this production (the video itself was to be produced by TRACER, under CEO Chad Little’s direction).

The Result: Intel was thrilled with the final product – a 7:30 computer-animated video, which employs chromium mannequins and a dramatic opening sequence to take viewers “inside” this technology, and how it can benefit them.  Intel showed the video to approximately 3,000 Intel-affiliated marketing executives throughout the world, and displayed it at numerous technology conferences.

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