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Legal clients

“We cannot be happier with the quality of the animations you produced for us. (They will) help tremendously in this national litigation, and I expect juries will relate well, regardless of their geographic location.”

Samuel L. Tarry, Jr., attorney, McGuire Woods, Richmond, VA world headquarters
Regarding: Defense of “Big 3” U.S. automakers in class-action product liability litigation

“You undertook this difficult task and, working under a very tight deadline, produced graphical depictions of the mechanical components that very accurately show their functions and operating ranges. “The federal judge deemed them reliable and, in a startling courtroom admission, Ford’s own expert acknowledged their accuracy and effectiveness. This is a tribute to your quick grasp of the specifications and your tireless work in getting the job done.”

Edgar F. Heiskell III, attorney, Michie Hamlett Lowry Rasmussen & Tweel, Charlottesville, VA
Product liability & wrongful death; Ford vehicle accelerator cable stuck in wide open position (here)

“Jon’s unique combination of creative research, analytical writing, graphic design and presentation development skills were successfully utilized in our communications programs, in achieving the governmental approvals we sought. Jon’s innovation, attention to detail, and ability to digest extremely complex/abstract legal provisions, concepts and arguments, and translate them into clear, impactive visualizations, were integral parts of our presentations.”

Morris Richter, President, Yale Properties International, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The impact of a $100 million condominium complex (here)

“Jon’s graphics, insight, and willingness to go the extra mile were second to none. He was able to comprehend a difficult fact pattern and illustrate the scenario in a method that was both easy to follow and efficient. His input and work product made all the difference in settlement negotiations. We hope to have a long-standing relationship with Jon in the future. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend his services.”

Eric Yost, Attorney, Marks & Harrison, Charlottesville, VA
Regarding: Auto accident case

“I appreciate your willingness to come to the site and walk through the scenes with the client, so as to make sure that the presentation was accurate and effective. Also, I found you to be prompt in your edits and easy to work with through email and phone calls. The final product was very informative and instructive to our firm and the insurance company. It all worked out very well for our client.”

Roger Ritchie, Jr., The Ritchie Law Firm, Harrisonburg, VA
Slip & fall injury on black ice (here)

“This was a very difficult project, because of the fact that you did not have the ability to do a site inspection, or even look at high-quality pictures. Indeed, we gave you very little to work with. But you embraced the challenge, were a good collaborator, and always came to client meetings with an idea to start discussions, but were also willing to modify your thinking to adapt to our needs. You were very responsive to our requests for information, and very prompt with edits.

“The work you did on this case has been extremely effective in presenting our arguments, in such a way as to take viewers ‘inside’ our client’s home-studio, to ‘see’ for themselves what we allege occurred. Particularly in regards to the 3D graphics, they were just spectacular, and worked well for us.”

Jonathan Wren, attorney, Martin & Raynor, Charlottesville, VA
Regarding: $800,000 House explosion litigation

“I contacted Jon about helping me on a wrongful death case involving a client that was hit and killed by a driver of a tractor trailer.  Jon was able to take the police accident report, photographs, and other information we provided and create time lapse illustrations of the collision.  The illustrations were to scale an provided great visual evidence that supported our position that the tractor trailer driver was driving too fast for conditions.  Jon’s ideas and insight helped create images that were more powerful than I had envisioned.  The illustrations were a powerful part of our multi-media mediation presentation.”

Vaden Warren, The Warren Firm, Charlottesville, VA
Regarding: Wrongful death case (here)

Advocacy clients

“Jon has made a tremendous contribution to various liberty-oriented organizations in Virginia. In particular, he has been of enormous help to the Jefferson Area Libertarians, and the organizations we are affiliated with. His considerable talents as a creative & media consultant and graphic artist have helped to raise the profile and effectiveness of all these organizations’ communications and outreach efforts.

“Jon has earned a well-justified reputation among his colleagues for high-quality work, delivered when promised. Whenever I am approached by liberty-oriented organizations and candidates in need of help with media materials, Jon is the first person I recommend. Quite simply, Jon is a tremendous resource for the liberty movement.”

James W. Lark III, Ph.D., past Chairman, Libertarian National Committee, 2000-2002
Regarding: My work with the Jefferson Area Libertarians and related liberty-oriented projects in Central Virginia (here)

“Over the eight years I have known Jon, he has displayed a rare intellectual grasp of complex issues facing Israel today. Able to wear multiple hats, he is straightforward and genuine – a do-er; no fuss, no drama. He is quick on his feet, asks smart, productive questions, shares unique insights, and often compels one to consider new ideas. His intellect and analytical abilities are excellent, as evidenced in his his many communications and writing skills.

“Jon is well informed and independent in his own work and is able to dive in and master complex material. He is particularly good at sleuthing out Israel’s delegitimizers, tracking and openly and fearlessly challenging them.  He is extremely articulate, insightful and fiercely independent.  He is persuasive yet respectful when making his positions clear. A great character who inspires confidence and trust, he is a true and passionate warrior for Israel, it’s cause and the Jewish people as a whole.”

Leonard Kristal, Ph.D., Chairman, Jewish Community Relations Council of the East Bay (Oakland, CA), and CEO, Cognisess
Regarding: Various projects that Dr. Kristal and I have worked on to advance facts concerning Israel on the national and international level.

“Jon has been impressively responsive from the moment I accepted his offer and began to work with him to change our logo. It became immediately clear to me that Jon has a special ability to thoroughly grasp a concept, and display the essential elements of that concept on paper in an integrated, visually-attractive and attention-grabbing design, that has culminated in our new logo… I could not be more pleased with his work and our new relationship.”

Al Aitken, Founder & Chairman, VOTORS (Virginians Over-Taxed on Residences), Culpeper, VA
Regarding: Civic group logo and brochure makeover, general creative consulting (here)

“The pro-liberty movement is fortunate to have Jon Sutz among its ranks. Jon has helped Freestar Media and our ‘Lost Liberty Hotel’ project in a number of key areas:

  • “He edited our first press release – which led to national media exposure, thousands in donations and a lasting political impact – and also a vital follow-up press release, and our first newsletter.
  • “He worked tirelessly on research and coalition-building at a critical stage in the life of the project.
  • “He designed and produced a beautiful logo for the Lost Liberty Hotel, which drives our core message home to millions of Americans.

“Jon’s creativity, passion and strong work ethic were vital assets to us, and any serious liberty-oriented organization would benefit by enlisting him in its development and outreach efforts.”

Logan Darrow Clements, CEO, Freestar Media, Canoga Park, CA
Regarding the “Lost Liberty Hotel” project, which sought to test the limits of the Kelo vs. City of New London ruling on eminent domain (here)

“Jon has an uncanny grasp of the challenges facing those wishing to advocate liberty in the public square, which are even more significant and complex, given the AIFD’s mission to do so in an environment that encompasses religion, law, philosophy and national security. We found his input on our (existing) website, logo, and the body of other visual and written media we have developed and employ, to be uniquely on-point, and well thought-out. […]

“(His) combination of marketing, graphic design, writing, editing and research abilities and knowledge, along with his deep understanding of the ideas of liberty and security, upon which the AIFD is focused, made his contributions not only superb, but unique. He was clearly not only working on our project as a job, but as an individual who loves what he does, and loves the ideas of liberty.”

M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., Founder & President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy
Regarding: Multiple creative services, including logo & website front page redesign, copy writing, research, general media consulting & design (here)

“The graphic work you have done for us will help us to present a more professional image to the community in everything we do. The new logo you created for us… (is) a much-needed improvement to the appearance of our website and… all our written materials. As a graphic professional, you are well aware of how important first impressions are. Your efforts have already reaped benefits for the JAL. (…) To earn media attention, we have to show them that we are serious about what we are doing. Thank you for your help to get the message of freedom out to our neighbors in central Virginia.”

Arin Sime, Chairman, Jefferson Area Libertarians, Charlottesville, VA
Regarding: Logo makeover, general creative & strategic consulting (here)

“With exceptional intelligence, Jon quickly understands in both ‘big picture’ and detail perspectives anything that I or anyone else puts to him. He easily achieves an in-depth grasp of complex ideas in many areas and then applies his creative talents to produce both compelling text and attention-grabbing graphics that are totally relevant to the task. As if these abilities weren’t enough, Jon also brings unparalleled initiative, intensity and passion to his work. The results of his efforts have gained earned high praise from former clients, more than evident in his resume. What is not always mentioned but undoubtedly appreciated, as well, are his empathy and humor: working with Jon is not just immensely helpful; it is also a rich and rewarding personal experience.”

Lyle H Rossiter, Jr., M.D., a forensic psychiatrist (info) with whom I have been working on a preliminary basis, in regards to theorizing a proprietary civic education program.

“In less than a week, and working from nearly 2,000 miles away, Jon conceived of, designed and produced the art for this extremely original and classy logo, using only two colors. The speed with which he crafted this logo enabled our volunteers to begin working quickly, and resulted in ours being one of the very first Katrina fundraisers to get started in Arizona.  We’ve sold nearly 1,500 shirts so far, making our fundraiser a huge success. This could never have been accomplished without Jon’s talent, professionalism and responsiveness.”

Wink Blair, President, “Arizona’s Helping Save The Big Easy,” Scottsdale, AZ
Regarding: Katrina-oriented relief effort for New Orleans musicians

Animation & visualization clients

“The animation storyboards and key visualizations you designed were exactly what we needed. When we began working together, you suggested creating an all-in-one solution to our global communications needs that would allow us to explain our unique windmill technology, how it is assembled, and how and why it works, regardless of language and cultural barriers.

“Although other circumstances delayed the production of your animation designs, we can’t wait to see them ‘brought to life’ under your direction. Your skills in visualization and analysis are truly remarkable. I would gladly recommend you to any organization that needs to communicate its message in a dramatic, original, and distinctive fashion.”

William Welch, Vice President – Development, SOFTWIND Ltd., Scottsdale, AZ
Regarding: Animation storyboards for windmill marketing & assembly videos (here)

“The power of our program far surpasses any training product I have ever seen. The comprehensive quality of the creative consulting, script writing and storyboard design services that Rainbow provided to us was fundamental to creating training materials that brought our program concepts to life, and made the learning process fun and efficient. Congratulations on a job well done.”

John Picardi, Chief Operating Officer, Lodgistix-HMS (a division of Sulcus Corp.), Phoenix, AZ
Regarding: L-HMS’s industry-breakthrough paperless training for hotel reservations agents, which I wrote, designed and directed the production of (here)

Logo & branding clients

“Jon is a consummate professional. His very first step in the process was to get a really good feel for what my company does. He asked all sorts of questions about the company mission, its goals, my ideal client, and all the way down to my favorite colors and fonts. He asked detailed questions about my personal vision for the banner, things like what would I want it to convey, do I like simple, modern design (yes) vs. a more traditional look (not so much). One very cool thing about Jon is that he gave me a great design right away, got my feedback, and then kept tweaking it until we were both satisfied. I’d highly recommend Jon’s services – you can expect attention to detail, timely delivery of materials, and a keen artistic eye. In working with Jon, I feel as if he treated me like a valued client, and even more – he treated me like a friend.”

Lisa DeSpain, Owner, SparkPubMedia,
Regarding “SparkPubMedia” logo redesign

“Jon grasped the essence of the problem and quickly created a logo that incorporated the notion of time and an index (APDEX). The logo conveys our primary values in an easy-to-understand form. Jon was very responsive, thorough, and great to work with.”

Peter Sevcik, Chief Executive Officer, NetForecast, Inc., Charlottesville, VA
Regarding: APDEX logo

“Jon was able to come up with an ‘HBO2’ icon that was exactly what I had been looking for. Jon has proven to be an exceptionally valuable, multi-talented asset to OHNC in our global marketing and informational campaigns.”

Richard A. Neubauer, M.D., Founder & Medical Director, Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center, Inc., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL
Regarding: “HBO2” and “Neur02” logos

“The logo you designed for us is exactly what we were looking for! It has the ‘punch’ and positive aura that we try to bring to our work, and it is far superior to the logos of our competitors. Thank you for doing a really superlative job.”

Sarah Krueger, Executive Director, Yes!Press, Sunnyvale, CA
Regarding: Yes!Press logo and sale brochure

Various clients & employers

“Jon assured us at the onset that he would assist us in producing a business plan and application that would be immediately distinguishable from others… including design esthetics, copy content & structure that would be attractive, comprehensive and easy to understand.  Needless to say, we were thrilled when the ABB judging committee announced that Gaffney Homes had won the America’s Best Builder Award. One judge specifically cited the easy to follow layout of our business plan as being a critical factor in helping to put us over the top.”

Mike Gaffney, President & Founder, Gaffney Homes, Charlottesville, VA
Regarding: Overall creative consulting services (here)

“(A)s Creative Director of this firm… Jon has been responsible for screen layout & graphic design, storyboard development (and has acted as) director of animation & video production, script supervisor, client liaison and project coordinator. Because we are a small firm, it has been necessary for Jon to assume multiple roles on a variety of projects. He has done so admirably, and in all instances has distinguished himself through his superlative performance.  It has been my pleasure to work directly with Jon, and observe firsthand the dedication and perseverance he brings to every project. He possesses enormous energy, talent and is extraordinarily gifted. Jon has been a valued member of the Rainbow ‘team,’ whose contribution to our efforts has been significant… (and his) considerable abilities would prove to be a major asset to any firm with which he becomes affiliated.”

Earl Jarred, Chief Executive Officer, Rainbow Technology Group, Inc. (here; also see my resume’ for detail)
Regarding: My employment, and rise from Layout Artist to Creative Director within 14 months

“As Creative Consultant to Pantheon’s video division, your work has been consistently superb. You delivered the concept development, script writing and storyboard design services that we needed, on-time and on-budget, and made sure that whenever possible, our clients’ expectations were exceeded. Your determination and work ethic are truly exceptional. It has been a pleasure to work with you on each of these challenging projects.”

Debbie Alexander, Executive Producer, Pantheon Studios, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ

“After winning the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award (presented by President Bush in 1990), it became apparent that we needed to produce a video documenting our journey… I personally have seen many video productions over the last few months – however, none have been able to capture that unique experience or the ‘special moment in time’ that is so alive in our video. It is the highlight of every presentation… (I) believe in the quotation that, ‘Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.’ That you do so well!”

Michael Speiss, Executive Vice President, Wallace Co., Inc., Houston, TX
Regarding: A documentary video that I wrote, designed and directed, chronicling Wallace Co., Inc.’s journey to winning the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

“When I retained Jon, I had high hopes, but no expectations. Until that time, the Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center (OHNC) had been ill-served by its public relations and creative/media consultants. I feel this was primarily due to their inability to immerse themselves in and appreciate HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) technology, the dire need for it to become a widely-available option in neurological rehabilitation, and the subtle nuances that an endeavor as challenging as ours necessitates.  Jon has proven to be a multi-talented, exceptionally valuable asset to OHNC. Jon’s work has encompassed a broad range of areas, including copy and script writing/editing, designing storyboards and key graphics, planning and producing video presentations, and developing website content & architecture. In many instances, this work required that Jon research, analyze, deconstruct, then reconstruct OHNC’s existing media, and consult on overall strategies – and even business operations, down to the smallest detail.

“In all of the above work realms, Jon has performed exceptionally well, and the results became apparent soon after our affiliation began. OHNC has received compliments from all over the world regarding the media that Jon reconstructed (particularly our videos and website). Our business has increased significantly, and we are much better organized. I feel that Jon’s exceptional skills, character, dedication, attitude, and attention to detail would be of great value to any organization that is fortunate enough to become affiliated with him.”

Richard A. Neubauer, M.D., Founder & Medical Director, Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center, Inc., Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL
Regarding: My reconstruction of the OHNC’s website content (here), and its pediatric neurorehabilitation case study documentary video (here)

“Thank you for your presentation of the Training Manual…. (Y)ou truly are a Five-Star Employee*…” (*the highest employee honor)

Horst Schulze, Chief Executive Officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company (letter here)
Regarding: Graphical training tools Jon created, on his own initiative, that were proved to save labor time and improve quality in banquet set-up, service and tear-down

Also, see my nomination for the Ritz-Carlton Five-Star Award, the highest employee service honor, here

“The (multimedia) kiosk you developed for our trade show booth looked great! Thanks for all the hard work and long hours to meet our deadline.”

Andrew Renk, Corporate Communications Associate, PCS Health Systems, Inc. (now CareMark), Scottsdale, AZ

“Thank you and your crew for a wonderful product, and for the manner in which you went about creating that product. It has been extremely refreshing to work with a vendor who is able to meet schedule, stay within budget, and remain responsive to our requests. I realize it was difficult for you and your crew to capture the footage you needed at our construction headquarters due to the activity there. I am especially appreciative of the way you were able to accomplish this without interfering with our employees as they went about their important daily tasks.”

Steve Lee, Total Quality Improvement Coordinator, Mississippi Power & Light (a division of Entergy Corp.), Jackson, MS
Regarding: A training video that I wrote, designed and directed the production of (here)


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