Government Advocacy: The impact of regulatory decisions on home prices


“Affordability” is a major point of contention in new housing developments – and aside from market economics, the biggest determining factor in the price of new housing is the decisions made by local governments.  While elected officials often say they want housing to be “affordable,” they often make decisions and establish policies that drive the price of new housing up – not down.  Then, either through ignorance or malice, they end up blaming the lack of “affordable” housing on the free market, “greedy” developers, etc.

The Blue Ridge Home Builders Association (BRHBA) in Charlottesville, VA, wished to make a positive, benevolent presentation to local planning & zoning commissions throughout Central Virginia, to demonstrate how various governmental land-use decisions affect the “bottom-line” prices of new housing.

I was retained by the BRHBA to develop a series of graphics that would profile a community that had already been built (Townwood), and how different governmental decisions regarding “open space,” multi-family vs. single-family units, and other variables would have ultimately affected each lot’s retail price, as well as other development and finance factors.

Working with builders and finance executives, I developed the following presentation for the BRHBA:

BRHBAPresentation by jonsutz on Scribd


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