Intel: “Freedom”


Client: Intel
Summary: Write and design a 3D animated marketing video for this tech giant.


In 1992, preparing for its launch of the first generation of wireless modems for portable computers, Intel wished develop a video to introduce 3,000  marketing executives throughout the world to these products – in a very dramatic fashion.

I was subcontracted by Tracer Design (Phoenix, AZ) to consult on, write and design this video, which became a completely computer-generated 07:30 video.

The original concept, developed in conjunction with Intel by Tracer’s CEO, Chad Little, was to convey that these new products would “cut the cable” between portable computers and land-wired telephone networks; hence the title they gave the video, “Freedom.”

The result

The video project was divided into two parts:

  • A dramatic opening sequence, that would take the viewer “inside” the project
  • The main body of the video, which would contain explanatory narration and visuals

To me, the issue ultimately boiled down was the difficulties encountered by “road warriors,” those who must travel for their work, and lug their laptop computers with them, along with all the requisite cabling – a need that Intel was about to at least partially liberate them from having to do.

The opening sequence that I designed, and the overall theme of the video, features 3D chromium mannequins dragging large cables through a forest, which are then severed by Intel’s “Excalibur”-type sword.

The main body of the video, per the script-storyboard that I wrote & designed, contains:

  • 3D visualizations of how messages are forwarded from tower to tower, and are stored until the user opens his/her portable computer and logs onto a wireless service, at which time the message is transmitted
  • Market growth visualizations
  • Animations showing how these modems are attached to portable computers

Here is the finished video, the production of which was directed by Chad, followed by the script-storyboard that I developed:

The script-storyboard I developed for this production

The following required approximately four months of work to complete, and get signed off on by Intel.

Intel – Freedom by jonsutz


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