Japan Industrial Journal: Scientific Instruments Show mapping kiosk


The Japan Industrial Journal (“JIJ”), a publisher of technical and scientific publications, was organizing an international convention and trade show, “Scientific Instruments Show Japan,” and wished to create a multimedia mapping kiosk that would enable attendees to quickly find vendors of interest, via a graphical user interface.

At the time (1991), the only kiosks most people were familiar with were text-only banking ATMS.  Given recent breakthroughs in CD-ROM technology, however, the JIJ expressed its desire to have a dynamic, looping animated screen saver, that would grab the attention of passer-bys, and draw them into the program.

The JIJ contracted Rainbow Multimedia Group, of which Jon was the Creative Director, to develop the design for the entire software package.

The storyboard Jon designed for this production, below, features:

  • Various technologies and natural phenomena morphing into one another, then into the island of Japan, and finally, into the Tokyo International Trade Center, where the event was being held
  • Graphical, interactive mapping interface and components


The results of this project were:

  • Extremely favorable reviews from JIJ, the attendees and vendors of “Scientific Instruments Show Japan”
  • Additional project accounts won with JIJ


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