Japanese Racing Association: Large-screen & TV animations


The Japanese Racing Association (“JRA”), an operator of racing venues, was undergoing a re-branding effort, and wished to create a dynamic animation for G1* racing that would be shown on large outdoor screens and in TV commercials.
(*There are three “levels” of horse racing in Japan: G3, G2, and the most elite, G1)

The JRA,through its advertising agency, LYNX KK, was looking for a more inventive, “American”-style design approach, rather than the conservative style that is typically available in Japan. It commissioned several design firms throughout the US to develop concepts for this application.

Rainbow Japan, an affiliate office of Rainbow Technology Group, won the contract to design this animation.

As Creative Director of RTG, Jon created the storyboard below:

  • Open to a side view of a JRA racetrack, then elevate and rotate around it
  • A “flash” causes the track to be “eaten away”
  • We drop through a removed portion of the track
  • Two bright gold tubes enter from left to form an outline for the new G1 logo
  • When the two outline tubes meet, they cause a bright flare in the center of the logo



  • The concept was selected by the JRA, and produced in several variants
  • Additional projects were won with LYNX


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