Kibun: “The Birth of Marine”



Kibun Chemfia CC, a Japanese food manufacturer, developed a new artificial crabmeat product entitled “Marine,” to be marketed throughout Southeast Asia.

According to its advertising agency, NewsBox KK, Kibun wanted to develop an animation for TV commercials that would show the Marine package being  “born out of the ocean.”

Through the Rainbow Multimedia Group‘s Japanese marketing office, Rainbow Japan, won the contract.

As Creative Director of Rainbow, I was responsible for coming up with a design that satisfied Kibun and NewsBox, of what a consumer product being “born out of the ocean” would look like.

It took me about four weeks of part-time attention to “solve” this problem, as articulated in the following 20-frame storyboard, which depicts:

  • An animated ocean
  • An “inverted whirlpool” emerging before the viewer’s eyes
  • A globule rises up out of the water, spinning, twisting, and eventually morphing into the package of Marine

The storyboard

Here is the storyboard I designed for Kibun:

Kibun by jonsutz

The final animation

As the production of this 14-second sequence was beyond Rainbow’s capability at that time, it sub-contracted Rhonda Graphics (Phoenix, AZ) to produce it under my direction.  The entire production took approximately three weeks:

The results

  • The TV commercial featuring this animation received extremely favorable reviews by Kibun and focus groups
  • The sequence was also hailed in the computer animation industry, as one of the most realistic depictions of water to that time (1992)
  • Additional accounts were won with NewsBox




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