Telemation: “Telemation Presents”


In late 1989, several years after Jon (then in Phoenix, AZ) graduated from design school – but before he was able to secure his “big break’ in the industry, he became aware of an internship opportunity at Telemation, Inc., a leading video editing & animation production studio, also located in Phoenix, AZ.

After meeting with a Telemation executive, Jon proposed that rather than simply apply for the position, and to more fully demonstrate his potential as an animation designer and script writer, that he develop a script-storyboard for a self-promotional video for Telemation.  The executive agreed, and suggested that while another candidate was being strongly considered, such a piece would be a good portfolio element.

Jon conducted independent research and development, and decided that the video promo should:

  • Creatively profile the key services Telemation provides
  • Develop a visual theme that would allow each animation sequence to seamlessly unfold into the next

Jon then wrote a narrative script that reflected the high standards of professionalism and production quality that he observed at Telemation.

While the other applicant was awarded the internship, Jon was assured of the next available opportunity.

Several weeks later, however, the Telemation executive with whom Jon had been in contact referred him to an unadvertised, entry-level Layout Artist position at Rainbow Technology Group, then a young animation and multimedia development firm in Phoenix.

Jon took the position, and rose to Creative Director of the Rainbow in less than 18 months, during which he time he earned the acclaim of the CEO and all of its clients.

Below is the script-storyboard that Jon developed from scratch for Telemation:


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