My mission: To create intellectual hyper-weapons for liberty

For approximately the past thirty years, I’ve defined the main mission of my life as follows:

After having observed and documented during these many years years, (a) the virtually uninterrupted triumph of ideas and perceptions that are demonstrably destructive to rational human values, and (b) the inability of existing front-line organizations and activism models to reverse these trends, I became determined to rethink how I define my mission.

This page is the result.

What is a “hyper-weapon”?

In the movie “Independence Day,” Earth is invaded by aliens who possess weapons that are capable of destroying cities.

The world’s leaders have deployed our best weaponry, to no effect.

Humanity is completely outmatched, and will soon become extinct, if a means is not soon found to identify and exploit a key vulnerability within the aliens’ weapons, and to enable a war against them to be fought – and won.

What was needed was a hyper-weapon.

A systems engineer (played by Jeff Goldblum) devises a theory for such a hyper-weapon, that would strip the aliens of their key defensive technology, thus making them vulnerable to our weapons.

While complicated, the hyper-weapon worked, and was born out of principled, creative thinking, that sought not to just match the aliens’ technology, or to peacefully coexist with them — but to utterly destroy their ability to continue waging their assault on humanity. 

With time rapidly running out, the plan required the engineer and a pilot to get inside the aliens’ mother ship, and infect its computer system with a virus that would render its attacking ships vulnerable to our weaponry.

The objective was nothing less than to instantly changing the nature of the war for humanity’s survival.

The plan was so efficient, and flawlessly executed, that humanity was saved – by one creative thinker, whose work then enabled the rest of the good guys to do the heavy lifting of defeating the aliens.

My life mission: To create intellectual hyper-weapons

The mission of my life is to theorize, develop and deploy intellectual hyper-weapons, for the purpose of championing and defending liberty, and the values and principles that undergird classic liberal society.

In this context, I define an “intellectual hyper-weapon” as:

A communications effort that efficiently delivers vital facts regarding the most important, contentious issues facing our culture, in a format that the average person can quickly grasp, find compelling, validate as accurate, relate to their own lives, and share with others.

My intellectual hyper-weapons will be formatted in various ways, including:

  • Visualizations and simulations: I will employ numerous media formats in this regard, including 2D and 3D informational graphics and animations, virtual reality, and even street theater and classic puppetry. (I’ve done a lot of work in the first two media realms; here.)
  • Activism campaigns: They will seem to come out of nowhere, but are so well thought-out, highly branded, and occasionally even funny, that they quickly grab the attention of people across the political and cultural spectrum, and compel them to take a deeper look. This is vital in an age in which the average person’s attention span has dropped to eight seconds. (I have one big success in this realm, that helped negate a destructive US Supreme Court ruling; here)
  • Motion pictures: I’ve written one, and have developed the frameworks for two more.
  • Documentaries: I have deep experience in developing both short- and long-form documentaries (here).
  • Social media graphics, slide shows, and short videos: I have been developing tools in this realm for the last 25 years (here).

All of my intellectual hyper-weapons will possess the following three attributes:

  • Accountable: Everyplace a factual assertion is made, there will be a clear pathway to the evidence, which is carefully vetted, meticulously organized, and efficiently delivered.
  • Accessible: They will be designed to meet the average person — even adolescents — where they are, in terms of their literacy and media delivery preferences.
  • Benevolent: They will be conceived of based on the premise that the overwhelming majority of people who harbor perceptions that are the inverse of reality, were misled and manipulated into doing so.

Whatever the form, every intellectual hyper-weapon I develop will be theorized designed from the ground up to advance three missions:

(1) To help demolish the most destructive lies that have been metastasizing through Western culture, and rammed into our children’s heads, virtually without challenge, for decades

(2) To help defeat the most influential peddlers of these lies — especially those who financially profit from doing so — and those who enable them

(3) To help empower individuals around the world with tools that enable them to hold these peddlers to account, on social media, and everywhere from school board meetings to state, national or international forums

What I need to begin creating these intellectual hyper-weapons

(1) Seed capital: The first things I need to do are to build a corporate structure with which to engage in this work, hire a research assistant, develop the business plan, in preparation to execute the pilot project (see 3).

(2) Inroads to the A-listers with whom I want to work: These include Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Thomas Sowell, Bari Weiss and Palmer Luckey.

(3) Pilot project development capital: This pilot project will expose and defeat what I contend is the most insidious means ever devised by which to undermine the well-being and upward mobility of persons-of-color, which is metastasizing through our “educational” system virtually without challenge, on the altar of “social justice.”


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