My use of humor in activism

All of my activism work is based on carefully-vetted evidence that I assemble into “resource pages” (examples here, here, here).  I then design knowledge tools that contain the best of this evidence, packaged in a way that I think will have the best chance of gaining support from the widest possible audience, on principle, with zero regard to partisan politics.

Sometimes the best “packaging” is straightforward and serious (examples here, here, here).

Whenever possible, however, I enjoy “packaging” the evidence I and others have amassed in humorous vehicles, that serve to simultaneously:

  • Establish basic facts in the minds of the general public
  • Ridicule the bad guys, and place them on the moral defensive, as they lies they peddle are exposed in confident, evidence-driven, and yet funny ways

Here is a sampling of my use of humor in activism. Click on the item numbers to see that case study:

(1) “Celebrity Love Jihad”

Certain Hollywood celebrities voiced their outrage at Trump dropping the “mother-of-all-bombs” on an ISIS complex in the mountains of Afghanistan, and claimed only “love” and “compassion” can resolve our differences. I created a petition to challenge them to go to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq to personally lecture top ISIS and Al Qaeda leaders on their non-violent philosophy — via a “Celebrity Love Jihad.”

(2) Coalition for Non-Living Americans


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