Client: Restore The Dream Foundation
Category: New logo to market a civic activist group website; pro bono donation of services

In late 2010, I made the acquaintance of Alex Cortes, founder and chairman of Restore The Dream, a recently-formed nonprofit whose first project was “DefundIt.Org,” an activist website that advocates defunding the new healthcare reform law (“ObamaCare”).

I was extremely impressed with Alex and his ideas, but noted that as shown on the website at the time, there was no real logo for DefundIt.Org:

I expressed the view that:

  • Without a professionally-designed logo, DefundIt.Org might not be as successful as it could be with one, if it were done properly.
  • The graphic of President Obama was needlessly antagonistic, served no purpose, and the space devoted to it could be better utilized with a custom logo graphic.

Alex agreed with my views, but explained that as Restore The Dream was just getting started, it had no budget for logo design at that time.  I felt so strongly about the organization, and Alex’s potential regarding it, that I volunteered to do the project pro-bono.

The first thing I recommended was that they create a unifying symbol that instantly, graphically conveys the principle behind the project, that would serve as both an explanation and a motivating factor.  The concept of a torn check, written on the “Taxpayers” account to “ObamaCare,” but signed by Congress, seemed to him to really sum it up:

I then matched this graphic with a stylish, instantly-recognizable type treatment, to form the finished logo, for use on white stationery (below):

For the website, I inserted a toned-down image of the top of the U.S. Constitution in the background:

This was the final result for the DefundIt.Org website:

Alex was thrilled with the result of my work:

“Jon is a tireless patriot with an incredibly creative mind.  He kindly offered his services to create a logo for my organization, and I could not be any happier with his final product.”

Alex Cortes

March 1, 2011 updates:

1) The activist group Let Freedom Ring has acquired, and hired Alex Cortes as its (LFR’s) Executive Director.

2) I created a second, initial logo for Alex, to help advance a new project he was getting off the ground, Restore the Dream.  See the project profile here.


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