Client: Myself; for a company I aspire to create, “Dog-U” (at, which I own)
Category: Internet-based dog training (internal application in development)

Dog-U™ is a concept I’m developing for a proprietary project that will develop innovative, Web-delivered dog training tools.  To learn more about Dog-U™, email me.

The concept for Dog-U™ was spawned by my unexpected discovery of the incredible, arguably unlimited potential for dogs – even rescue dogs, like Shayna – to learn amazing new tricks throughout the course of their lives.  I discuss this discovery at some length in my first book, “Saved By Shayna: Life Lessons From A Miracle Dog,” a tribute to how Shayna saved my life after 9/11 – and how, with no experience in dog training, I was able to help develop her natural gifts, to the point where she:

  • CloseUp1-aMemorized the names of 57 toys, and was able to retrieve and put them in assigned receptacles, by name, and even using pictorial flash cards.
  • Mastered the concept of numbers – and specifically, the ability to retrieve and put away one or two tennis balls at a time, depending on the command.
  • Learned to dunk her tennis balls in a talking basketball backboard, and stack her ring toys on a pole, by name.

Here is an introductory video to the book (now available at ), which also features Shayna doing some of her tricks.  Scroll down for more videos of her doing other tricks, and see Shayna’s website for even more.

Here is Shayna demonstrating her toy-retrieval skills, her ability to stack her ring toys on a pole, and to “count” one and two tennis balls:

Here is Shayna doing her flash card toy-retrieval training, and dunking balls in her new talking basketball backboard.



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