Client: Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL
Category: Logo for neurological rehabilitation facility

The Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center (OHNC) was a South Florida medical facility that used hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to treat severe neurological injuries, such as Cerebral Palsy, birth defects, near-drownings, stroke, and other traumas.

In addition to my other work with OHNC (see “HBO2”), its founder and Medical Director, Richard Neubauer M.D. (1922-2007), asked me to create a name and logo for this groundbreaking conference that he was developing, and ideally, to integrate the “O2” concept into this identity.

The “header” that I designed was used for several years in all of OHNC’s printed and electronic promotional materials regarding the Neuro2 symposium, which has attracted speakers and guests from throughout the world.

“When I retained Jon, I had high hopes, but no expectations. Until that time, OHNC had been ill-served by its public relations and creative/media consultants. I feel this was primarily due to their inability to immerse themselves in and appreciate HBOT technology, the dire need for it to become a widely-available option in neurological rehabilitation, and the subtle nuances that an endeavor as challenging as ours necessitates. […] Jon has proven to be an exceptionally valuable, multi-talented asset to OHNC in our global marketing and informational campaigns.”

– Richard A. Neubauer, M.D., Medical Director, Ocean Hyperbaric-Neurologic Center, December 14, 2002 (see actual letter here)


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