Rainbow Multimedia Group


Client: Rainbow Technology Group, Phoenix, AZ
Category: Multimedia development studio

When this animation and multimedia software development start-up hired me in 1990 (as an employee), it did not have a logo – but recognized its need for one, as it was:

  • Creating a new division, Rainbow Multimedia Group, to develop dynamic educational media and 3D animations, and…
  • Planning to open Rainbow Japan, a satellite sales office just outside Tokyo, to market its services throughout southeast Asia (see numerous examples of projects won by this subsidiary, and which I designed and directed the production of, here)

As RTG’s “portfolio” was rapidly expanding, Rainbow’s CEO and I defined their logo-design mission as being to visually convey the broad range of new services that RMG offered to international clientele, in a simple graphical icon.

I was tasked with leading this effort. After exploring many design approaches, I pursued the concept of integrating an “open book” (or “portfolio”) into the letter “R.”

The resulting logo template was adapted for use by RTG, RMG and Rainbow Japan, and served the company from 1991 through 2004. It also served as the basis for the company’s identity transition in the mid-1990s when RTG became Rainbow Studios, and until it was acquired in 2001 by THQ, one of the world’s largest video game development companies.

The success of this effort, along with my work at Rainbow in graphic design, copy & script writing, and directing the production of software programs, videos and computer animations, fueled my rapid ascent through its ranks, to my final position as Creative Director:

“As Creative Director of this firm… Jon has distinguished himself through his superlative performance.  It has been my pleasure to work directly with Jon, and observe firsthand the dedication and perseverance he brings to every project.  He possesses enormous energy, talent and is extraordinarily gifted.  Jon has been a valued member of the Rainbow ‘team,’ whose contribution to our efforts has been significant.”

– Earl Jarred, Chief Executive Officer, Rainbow Technology Group (see letter here)

Below are several of the computer animation sequences that I designed and directed the production of, for use in the opening and closing sequences for RTG/RMG/Rainbow Japan presentations, software demos, etc.:




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