Client: SOFTWIND, Ltd., Scottsdale, AZ
Category: Wind energy technology developer

SOFTWIND, Ltd. (SWL) was a renewable-energy technology engineering firm that developed a new type of water-pumping wind machine, that possesses unparalleled performance characteristics. The key advantage of the SWL technology is that it operates in lower wind speeds, and pumps from deeper water tables, for longer periods of time, than any other wind machine in the world.

As part of its preparation for a global marketing program (with particular focus on third-world nations), SWL retained me to develop, among other media (below), an updated logo based on the one it had commissioned and utilized for an earlier version of its company (Wind Baron).

SWL also tasked me with designing storyboards for a series of 3D animation sequences, that would be used for promotional and training purposes.  View these storyboards, and the resulting animations, along with SWL’s testimonial for me, here.

Below is the storyboard for the logo animation sequence that I designed:


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