Client: Yes!Press Education & Consulting, Sunnyvale, CA
Category: Skills training & certification seminar producer

Yes!Press, a consulting service in the start-up phase, designs and operates skills-training and certification seminars, particularly relating to healthcare and other heavily-regulated occupations.

As I learned from the client, most seminar and certification producers have dry, unexciting logos (along with dry, unexciting content!). Yes!Press would be different: it would strive to make each presentation both informative and enjoyable, to reflect the principals’ extensive experience and positive attitude.

I was retained to create a logo that would capture this optimistic and innovative spirit, in a simple graphical icon, that would be almost as striking in black and white (as most of the client’s training and testing materials would be) as it would be in color.

“The logo you designed for us is exactly what we were looking for! It has the ‘punch’ and positive aura that we try to bring to our work, and it is far superior to the logos of our competitors. Thank you for doing a really superlative job.”

– Sarah Krueger, Executive Director, Yes!Press

Based on the success of the logo I designed for the firm, I was also retained to edit the copy of, design and produce the art for a Yes!Press sales brochure:


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