Portfolio of my ability to create humorous means to convey essential facts regarding controversial public issues


“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”
— Saul Alinsky: “Rules For Radicals”


As part of my broader efforts to advocate for liberty, America and Western civilization, whenever possible, I seek out and develop means by which to use humor to help expose and defeat the ideologies that are at war with them.

I do some of this work under my own name, and some anonymously.

Below is a sampling of the work I’ve openly done; contact me for info on the other work I’ve done to mock and humiliate bad people and organizations.


(1) “The Lost Liberty Hotel” project (eminent domain): “I love this! This is how you fight this stuff! You turn it right around on them!”- Rush Limbaugh

(2) Video: “The Coalition for Non-Living Americans” (voting fraud)

(3) Video: “Celebrity Walls vs. the Democratic Narrative” (border security)

(4) ISIS files “cultural appropriation” complaint against ANTIFA with the United Nations

(1) “The Lost Liberty Hotel” project

Should a local government have the power to seize the home or business of a low- or modest-income person, and give it to a larger business, if the latter might be able to create more jobs or tax revenue with it?

By a 5-4 margin, in 2005 the U.S. Supreme Court voted “yes” (Kelo).

Soon after, I helped to inspire, and did key creative work on a humorously serious campaign, by Freestar Media, to test this ruling, that would:

  • Attempt to seize the home one of the supporting Justices (David Souter), under the new interpretation of eminent domain
  • Turn the property into the “Lost Liberty Hotel,” featuring the “Just Desserts Cafe’”

In addition to designing the project logo, I edited key press releases, provided strategic consulting, produced key infographics, and more.

Until this point, my client was an unknown liberty activist in California. Within 24 hours of the press release that I edited being sent to the national news media, Rush Limbaugh opened his show (June 29, 2005) by reading the entire press release verbatim, referred listeners to Freestar Media’s website, and even posted the link at the top of his own site. Excerpt:

“THIS is hilarious. FreestarMedia, LLC, it’s a website… ‘The Greatest Story Is The Battle Between Freedom And Force,’ (Rush reads excerpt from press release)… (laughs)… This… I love this… this is how you fight this stuff, folks… this is how you do it … you turn it right around on them, and now, it sounds like a parody, but I know that this Clements is serious about this… he’ll do everything he can to get that property and build a big hotel, the ‘Lost Liberty Hotel’… you just have to love this…”

Rush Limbaugh

Soon after, my client was catapulted from obscurity into appearing on/being profiled on top national TV news programs, including “Nightline,” “Hannity & Colmes,” and many others. A sampling:

My client later wrote a testimonial for me, which reads, in part:

“Jon’s creativity, passion and strong work ethic were vital assets to us, and any serious liberty-oriented organization would benefit by enlisting him in its development and outreach efforts.”

See the project profile here.

(2) Video: “The Coalition for Non-Living Americans” (3:00)

In the summer and fall of 2016, reports were emerging in local media across America about a persistent phenomenon: dead Americans being re-registered to vote (and voting). The national media, however, almost invariably failed to report anything on this phenomenon, or who was doing it, or why, thus helping it to continue.  Being that some elections are decided by only a handful of votes — such as the U.S. Senate race in Minnesota, had been decided by only 312 votes , out of 2,424,946 cast — this particularly disturbing type of election fraud takes on far greater significance.

As part of my work for SaveTheWest.com, I sought to create a nonpartisan, humorous way by which to raise awareness of this fundamental betrayal of our constitutional system, and common sense.

I conceived of, wrote, designed and produced this 3-minute video to introduce a new, satirical “social justice” project to stand up for the last marginalized voting minority in America: “non-living American” voters.  See the documentation behind the video at: The Coalition for Non-Living Americans.

(3) Video: “Celebrity Walls vs. the Democratic Narrative” (5:50)

People don’t lock their doors at night because they hate who’s outside, they do so because they love and want to protect those who are inside. Similarly, every nation has the natural right to protect its defined borders from anyone attempting to unlawfully enter its territory.

Until recently, this basic principle was commonly accepted by people and organizations across the political spectrum, in Washington, DC and beyond. See this report I recently produced, showing how long leading Democrats have voiced the need for strong border security, and to combat illegal entry into America.

This basic principle has, however, in recent years, been re-cast by leftist groups and top leftist politicians as being representative of “white nationalist,” “xenophobic” or “fascist” ideology.

Top Democrat-supporting celebrities have now joined this bandwagon, and support calls to effectively “let everyone in,” no questions asked — and condemn the US government for constructing a wall at our southern border.

As part of my work for SaveTheWest.com, I researched and developed this video to expose the fact that these celebrities do not apply this principle to their own homes, around which they build expensive, elaborate physical barriers. See the documentation behind this video at: Video: Celebrity Walls vs the Democratic Narrative.

(4) ISIS files “cultural appropriation” complaint against ANTIFA with the United Nations


One of the most potent threats to America that is little-known among the general population is what’s referred to as “the leftist-Islamsit convergence”: the phenomenon of communists, socialists, anarchists and Islamists (even explicit terror-supporters) marching together, in the U.S. and throughout the Western world. Learn more here, here, here and here.

Although this is a serious topic, I detected one aspect that is immediately ready for exploitation: the fact that ANTIFA, now classified as a domestic terror organization by the DHS, dresses almost exactly like ISIS terrorists.  The left has a fetish for condemning anyone who uses “cultural appropriation” to exploit the traditional features of a specific ethnicity.

As part of my work for SaveTheWest.com, I decided to write a fictitious ISIS complaint letter to the Office of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC), reporting ANTIFA’s “cultural appropriation” of its carefully curated “look,” and asking for it to intervene. A key excerpt:

Dear Mr. Al Hussein:

As you may know, there is a new category of outrage that “social justice warriors” the world over are fighting to stop: “cultural appropriation.”  Loosely defined, this outrage occurs whenever a person, group or organization begins adopting the habits and mannerisms that originate elsewhere. Learn more here and here.

In this vein, we are writing to file a formal complaint with the UNHRC’s Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, regarding a matter that we consider most serious: the fact that the recently-organized, global “ANTIFA” movement has:

(1) Culturally appropriated what is clearly ISIS’s trademark black uniforms

(2) Culturally appropriated the terror-tactics we employ while wearing these uniforms

See the full piece at: ISIS files “cultural appropriation” complaint against ANTIFA with the United Nations [Satire]




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