Testimonials from legal clients

Below is a sampling of testimonials from my legal clients, regarding projects ranging from land use disputes to product liability to personal injury cases.  See my complete portfolio of litigation media work at:

Jon Sutz – Litigation Media Portfolio

These and other legal clients praise not just my skills in visualization design and wordsmithing, but also, my ability to:

  • Analyze and consider competing data sets
  • Empathize with the average target audience member’s knowledge, functional literacy, perceptions and expectations
  • Ask tough questions, and help solve difficult problems
  • Create mission-critical courtroom presentations and key juror notebook elements that are holistically designed, to not just express what an advocate wants to say – but to frame it in a way that will be understandable and persuasive to that specific audience

“We cannot be happier with the quality of the animations you produced for us. (They will) help tremendously in this national litigation, and I expect juries will relate well, regardless of their geographic location.”

Client: Samuel L. Tarry, Jr., McGuire Woods, Richmond, VA world headquarters

Regarding: Defense of “Big 3” U.S. automakers in class-action product liability litigation (here)

“You undertook this difficult task and, working under a very tight deadline, produced graphical depictions of the mechanical components that very accurately show their functions and operating ranges.

“The federal judge deemed them reliable and, in a startling courtroom admission, Ford’s own expert acknowledged their accuracy and effectiveness. This is a tribute to your quick grasp of the specifications and your tireless work in getting the job done.”

Client: Edgar F. Heiskell III, attorney, Michie Hamlett Lowry Rasmussen & Tweel, Charlottesville, VA

Regarding: Product liability & wrongful death; Ford vehicle accelerator cable stuck in wide open position (here)

“Jon’s unique combination of creative research, analytical writing, graphic design and presentation development skills were successfully utilized in our communications programs, in achieving the governmental approvals we sought. Jon’s innovation, attention to detail, and ability to digest extremely complex/abstract legal provisions, concepts and arguments, and translate them into clear, impactive visualizations, were integral parts of our presentations.”

Client: Morris Richter, Yale Properties International, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Regarding: Multi-year public dispute over the impact of a proposed $100 million condominium complex (here)

“Jon’s graphics, insight, and willingness to go the extra mile were second to none. He was able to comprehend a difficult fact pattern and illustrate the scenario in a method that was both easy to follow and efficient. His input and work product made all the difference in settlement negotiations. We hope to have a long-standing relationship with Jon in the future. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend his services.”

Client: Eric Yost, Marks & Harrison, Charlottesville, VA

Regarding: Auto accident case (here)

“I appreciate your willingness to come to the site and walk through the scenes with the client, so as to make sure that the presentation was accurate and effective. Also, I found you to be prompt in your edits and easy to work with through email and phone calls. The final product was very informative and instructive to our firm and the insurance company. It all worked out very well for our client.”

Client: Roger Ritchie, Jr., The Ritchie Law Firm, Harrisonburg, VA

Regarding: Slip & fall injury on black ice (here)

“This was a very difficult project, because of the fact that you did not have the ability to do a site inspection, or even look at high-quality pictures. Indeed, we gave you very little to work with. But you embraced the challenge, were a good collaborator, and always came to client meetings with an idea to start discussions, but were also willing to modify your thinking to adapt to our needs. You were very responsive to our requests for information, and very prompt with edits.

“The work you did on this case has been extremely effective in presenting our arguments, in such a way as to take viewers ‘inside’ our client’s home-studio, to ‘see’ for themselves what we allege occurred. Particularly in regards to the 3D graphics, they were just spectacular, and worked well for us.”

Client: Jonathan Wren, Martin & Raynor, Charlottesville, VA

Regarding: $800,000 house explosion litigation (here)

Warrentruckaccident2-1024x791“I contacted Jon about helping me on a wrongful death case involving a client that was hit and killed by a driver of a tractor trailer. Jon was able to take the police accident report, photographs, and other information we provided and create time lapse illustrations of the collision.

“The illustrations were to scale an provided great visual evidence that supported our position that the tractor trailer driver was driving too fast for conditions. Jon’s ideas and insight helped create images that were more powerful than I had envisioned. The illustrations were a powerful part of our multi-media mediation presentation.”

Client: Vaden Warren, The Warren Firm, Charlottesville, VA

Regarding: Wrongful death case (here)




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