Urgent appeal for help from a French citizen, to help a Yazidi family


Appeal prepared by Sevim Delal and Jon Sutz, October 9, 2017


A Yazidi family, the Salihs, have lost everything due to ISIS, and desires a French sponsor (the “Sponsor”) to ask the French government to allow them to enter France as refugees.  The Sponsor will not have to spend any money to accomplish this — expenses will be paid for by the Salih family.  This is an urgent situation.


Kamal Murad Salih’s passport

A family of four, Kamal Murad Salih, age 31, his wife, Layla, 31, their son, Bewar, age 3, and Kamal’s mother, Hazo, age 66, are currently in a refugee camp in Duhok, Iraq.  Kamal’s passport is at right; the others’ passport photos are at the bottom of this page.

They have been in the refugee camp since 2014, as a result of ISIS invading their region, destroying their home and village, and displacing and terrorizing hundreds of thousands of Yazidis.

For those who don’t know, ISIS treated the Yazidis with extreme cruelty and deprivation, because they do not believe in any traditional religion, and are viewed by the Islamic fundamentalists as sub-humans. In all, ISIS murdered several hundred thousand Yazidis, and enslaved tens of thousands of others, particularly young girls and women, whom they used and sold as rape slaves.

See news and documentary videos about what ISIS did to the Yazidis:

Sinjar attack by ISIS, Yazidi Genocide 2014 – YouTube

Yazidi Teen Who Escaped from ISIS Captivity Recounts Her Harrowing Experiences – YouTube

The Black Massacre – a film by Nawzad Shekhany – YouTube

Yazidi survivors in Dohuk rescued by helicopter. – YouTube

Report: ISIS insurgents kill 80 Yazidi citizens – YouTube

The refugee camp in which the Salihs currently reside is extremely dangerous, because alongside Yazidis such as themselves, are radical Islamists who, while not ISIS, support many of their oppressive ideologies, and are using violence and intimidation against Yazidis.

The Salihs wish to relocate to France as soon as possible.

What we need is a Sponsor, a French citizen who will:

(1) Contact the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons

(2) If necessary, visit the above Office to begin the paperwork to enable the agency to begin evaluating the Salihs for entry

The Salihs can pay their way to France, so there will be no cost to the Sponsor.

For more information, please contact

Sevim Delal – A Yazidi friend of Kamal’s from Turkey, who is now in Germany; she speaks German, Kurdish, Turkish and some English

Kamal Murad Salih – speaks Arabic, Kurdish and some English
Phone number: +9647501903002

Photos of Kamal’s family’s passports

Kamal’s wife, Laila
Kama’s son, Bewar
Kamal’s mother, Hazo


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