The ADL’s fraudulent war against Elon Musk & Twitter, Part 1: The Farrakhan Factor

By Jon Sutz

  • Imagine if Twitter existed in the 1930s, and its management chose to profit by enabling Joseph Goebbels, the world’s most influential inciter of hatred against Jews, for more than eleven years
  • Now, imagine a Jewish group, which declared itself to be “the global leader in combating antisemitism, countering extremism and battling bigotry,” decided to say nothing on Twitter or its website about this outrage — and to not call on advertisers to boycott the site because of it
  • Next, imagine if, instead, this Jewish advocacy group used Twitter for purposes having absolutely nothing to do with defending Jews — such as attempting to publicly destroy a Jewish blogger who opposes LGBT indoctrination of children… urging respect for personal pronouns… condemning “able-ism”… and denouncing “cultural appropriation” on Halloween
  • Lastly, imagine if, after eleven years of silence, this Jewish advocacy group finally expressed “profound concern about anti-Semitism” on Twitter, and called for an advertiser boycott of the site — eight days after a new owner took control of it

This, in sum, is the fraud that lies at the root of the war that the ADL instigated against Elon Musk — eight days after he took control of Twitter.

The purpose of this report, the first in a series, is to present the evidence that proves these allegations.

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“[Social media] platforms should not be supplying the megaphone for hate and antisemitism.”

– Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL, June 28, 2023

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claims its mission is “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” This claim, plus the fact that hatred and hate crimes against Jews in America and the West are skyrocketing, serve as the pretext upon which the ADL collects more than $62 million a year in donations.  Learn more here.

On November 4, 2022, eight days after Elon Musk took control of Twitter, the ADL publicly declared war against him and the site, allegedly because of its allegedly “profound concern about antisemitism and hate on the platform.” The ADL further alleged that this situation was caused by Musk “gutting staff that supported combating antisemitism and hate.” On this basis, the ADL openly called for advertisers to “stop hate for profit,” and “stop toxic Twitter,” by halting advertising on the platform “globally.”

Hours after the ADL launched its war, Twitter’s (Jewish) Director of Trust and Safety publicly rebutted its central allegation, claiming “our core moderation capabilities remain in place.” One week later, on November 11, 2022, he published an editorial in The NY Times, expanding: “Twitter [is] actually safer under Mr. Musk than it was before,” and that “[he] empowered my team to move more aggressively to remove hate speech across the platform — censoring more content, not less. Our actions worked.”

Despite this, the ADL neither retracted its allegations, apologized to Twitter/Musk, nor stopped its war to destroy his site. To the contrary, eleven days later the ADL posted a Tweet in which it proclaimed itself “the global leader in combating antisemitism, countering extremism and battling bigotry.”

Thanks to the virtually unchallenged prestige that the ADL has enjoyed for many years, the mainstream media, major advertisers and governmental agencies assume that whatever the it says is highly credible, and based on verifiable, contextual evidence. Thus, the ADL’s incendiary allegations against Twitter and Musk had perceived legitimacy the moment they were expressed, which is what caused them to metastasize throughout our culture, without substantive criticism or analysis.

On September 4, 2023, Musk announced the severe toll that the ADL’s war against Twitter has taken — and his intent to sue the group. In a series of Tweets, Musk declared:

  • Twitter’s advertising revenue is down 60%, and it’s lost approximately half* of its value (*which he pegged at $22 billion)
  • “Based on what we’ve heard from advertisers, [the] ADL seems to be responsible for most of our revenue loss”
  • “To clear our platform’s name on the matter of anti-Semitism, it looks like we have no choice but to file a defamation lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League … oh the irony!”

These facts are commonly known among those who’ve followed the war that the ADL instigated against Elon Musk, since he bought Twitter.

The following ten facts, however, reveal the fraudulent nature of the ADL’s war, and expose other facets of its betrayals and deceptions.

Ten facts that reveal the fraudulent nature of the ADL’s war against Elon Musk & Twitter

The following is a summary of evidence that has been compiled on a separate, detailed resource page, here.

(1) Since the 1980s, the ADL has documented and publicly denounced Louis Farrakhan’s incitement of anti-Semitic, racist and anti-LGBT hatred and violence.

In 2020 — two years before it declared war on Twitter — the ADL published a report on its website that designated Farrakhan “America’s Most Popular Anti-Semite.”

Many years earlier, however, the ADL began chronicling Farrakhan’s hatred and incitement.  In 2019 the ADL compiled some of these items into a report, “Farrakhan In His Own Words.” 

The ADL’s CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, has publicly denounced Farrakhan’s calls for violence — and denounced anyone who tries to minimize his incitement and hatred.  In October 2015, Greenblatt published an editorial in the Washington Post, in which he said:

At a promotional event in Milwaukee in August, Farrakhan said, “White people deserve to die, and they know, so they think it’s us coming to do it.” In July in Miami, he told a crowd, “If the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us, stalk them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.

But many people of good will seem to be willing to ignore or overlook Farrakhan’s hate speech, dismissing it as tangential to his main messages. That is a mistake. As a society, we ignore such hate at our peril.”

Clearly, the ADL has known for many years exactly who and what Farrakhan is, and the threat he poses, particularly to Jews.

See Sections 3.1 and 5 on the Resource Page for detailed documentation about this issue.

(2) In March 2011, Twitter’s previous management allowed Farrakhan to establish an account, and allowed him to use the platform to post his anti-Semitic, racist and anti-LGBT hatred and incitement.

See @LouisFarrakhan (archive). Note that as of November 2022, Twitter’s previous management allows him to amass nearly 400,000 followers (for comparison, the ADL had less than 350,000).

(3) In 2015 and 2016, Twitter’s previous management allowed Farrakhan to post a series of videos in which he openly incited racist violence.

Less than five hours after he uploaded such a video directly to Twitter, one of his reported followers went on a racist murder spree, that cost the lives of five Texas police officers.

In July and August, 2015, Farrakhan posted two videos to social media, in which he said

“We must rise up and kill those who kill us!”

“White people deserve to die! They know!”

(Watch the videos of both incidents, and learn more about them in Section 3.3 on the Resource Page.

At 4:10pm on July 7, 2016, Twitter’s previous management allowed Farrakhan upload* a 2-minute video to Twitter (*as opposed to posting a link to an external video), in which he said:

“There is no freedom without the shedding of blood! […] When you are willing and not afraid anymore to pay the price for freedom — don’t let this white man tell you that violence is wrong! Every damn thing that he got, he got it by being violent — killing people, raping and robbing and murdering!”

Here is the Tweet (archive; screencap):

Here is an archived version of the video.

At 8:58pm on July 7 — less than five hours after Farrakhan posted the Tweet containing that video — one of his reported followers, Micah Xavier Johnson, went on a racist murder spree that left five Dallas, TX police officers dead, and another seven injured.

The Texas police officers whom Johnson murdered, from left: Officer Patrick Zamarripa, Senior Corporal Michael Krol, Officer Brent Thompson, Sergeant Michael Smith, and Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens,

The following day, The Blaze (one of America’s most widely-read conservative websites) reported the fact that Johnson’s murder spree began less than five hours after Farrakhan’s Twitter video went live.

Hours Before Officers Were Gunned Down in Dallas, Louis Farrakhan Posted This Shocking Message of Racism and ViolenceThe Blaze, July 8, 2016.

On July 17, ten days after Johnson’s racist massacre of Texas police officers, another one of Farrakhan’s followers, Gavin Eugene Long, went on another racist shooting spree against police officers, killing three:

Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel [VIDEO], Chuck Ross, Daily Caller, July 17, 2016

Police shooter once Nation of Islam, committed to ‘religion of justice’Christian Examiner, July 18, 2016

Nine months later, in April 2017, another of Farrakhan’s followers, Kori Ali Muhammad, went on a racist murder spree, killing four:

Suspect in Fresno shooting rampage spoke about racial conflict and black nationalismLos Angeles Times, April 18, 2017. Excerpt:

Brian Levin, director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at Cal State San Bernardino, says many of Muhammad’s social media postings reference terms used by the Nation of Islam, which has been labeled a racist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Pointing to Muhammad’s repeated references to “white devils” and “Yakub,” the villainous figure responsible for creating white people, according to Nation of Islam lore, Levin says it is likely Muhammad thought he was taking part in a race war.

The fact that each of these three racist mass-murderers were admirers of Farrakhan was documented in venues across the political spectrum, including ABC News, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Daily Beast, the Times of Israel, the Daily Caller, and many others.

See more details of these three Farrakhan-inspired racist murder sprees in Section 3.3 on the Resource Page.

(4) Twitter’s previous management allowed the incitement video that Farrakhan uploaded to the site to remain posted for more than six years — and to amass 393,600 views.

The video that Farrakhan uploaded to Twitter on July 7, 2016, and which it was hosting, was still posted as of April 19, 2022nearly six years later — by which point it had been viewed 393,600 times.  This was six months before Elon Musk took control of Twitter, on October 27, 2022:

This video is still available on Twitter/X as of September 22, 2023.  In case it finally decides to take the video down, here is an archived version of it.

(6) The ADL has never published a single Tweet — or item on its website that denounced Twitter’s previous management for allowing Farrakhan to upload the video that preceded the three racist murder sprees by his followers — or for allowing it to remain publicly-visible for the next six years.

In summary:

  • As documented in Section 3.7 on the Resource Page, there are are several methods of searching Twitter to see if a user posted anything containing specific words, or mentioning other users.
  • Searches at Twitter using various strings, and captured in permanent data and screencap archives, proves that the ADL has never said a word about Twitter allowing Farrakhan to upload to the site on July 7, 2016, or the three racist mass murders that his followers perpetrated, the first of which began less than five hours later.


  • On Twitter, the search string “from:@ADL Louis Farrakhan Micah Xavier Johnson” returns zero results:
  • Further, the search string “from:@ADL Twitter Farrakhan video murder” also returned zero results:

Similarly, searches at the ADL’s website,, shows it also never posted a single item that mentioned this video, or denounced Twitter’s previous management for allowing Farrakhan to upload it:

  • At, search the string “Farrakhan no freedom without the shedding of blood” (September 23, 2023 archive version here): Zero relevant results.
  • At, search the string “Louis Farrakhan Micah Xavier Johnson” (September 15, 2023 archive version here): Zero results:

(7) The ADL also has never published a single Tweet — or item on its website that denounced Twitter’s previous management for choosing to profit by enabling Farrakhan since March 2011 — or called for an advertiser boycott of the site, because of it.

“[Social media] platforms should not be supplying the megaphone for hate and antisemitism.”

– Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL, June 28, 2023

This fact is documented in detail in Section 3.6 on the Resource Page.

The reader can validate this for themselves, via the following searches:

On Twitter:

Search the string “from:@ADL Farrakhan Twitter”

Results: Zero returns


Search the string “Farrakhan Twitter”

Results: Zero relevant returns; the only items that appear are related to Farrakhan and Twitter, independent of one another, deep within the body of content of the ADL’s Congressional testimony and reports

(8) Contrast the ADL’s silence regarding Twitter enabling Farrakhan, to the wars it has instigated over issues that are totally unrelated to fighting anti-Semitism

The most notable example of this is the war that the ADL instigated on Twitter against orthodox Jewish blogger Chaya Raichik (aka LibsOfTikTok).  Her offense?  She shares videos that are uploaded to TikTok by radical leftists, many of them teachers, in which they explain how and why they are indoctrinating our children in leftist gender politics, and/or advocating for gender change treatments, often before puberty.

The ADL’s war against Raichik started with this Tweet (archive):

And continued for the next month… (archive):

(9) By all these acts and omissions, for eleven years the ADL acted as the world’s premier Jewish enabler of pre-Musk Twitter’s decision to profit by providing a global platform for what it deems “America’s Most Popular Anti-Semite.”


(10) It wasn’t until eight days after Elon Musk took control of Twitter that the ADL called for an advertiser boycott of the site, based on its supposedly “profound concern about antisemitism and hate on the platform.”


Instead, during the ten months following its declaration of war on Musk/Twitter, the ADL instigated campaigns that have zero to do with combating anti-Semitism — including one to destroy an orthodox Jewish blogger who dares to oppose young children being subjected to leftist political and LGBT gender indoctrination. Further, the ADL did this while knowing that several months earlier, this blogger and her family were subjected to death threats and in-person harassment, after the Washington Post publicly revealed her actual identity (behind her screen name).  Soon after, they fled their homes in terror.  As if this wasn’t bad enough, the ADL is also suspected of heavily petitioning Twitter’s previous management to ban her (which it did) — while mounting no similar campaign to finally ban Farrakhan. Evidence here.

These are but some of the facts that the American people and major advertisers should be aware of, in order to rationally evaluate:

      • The war that the ADL instigated against Twitter/X and Elon Musk
      • The ADL’s overall credibility and integrity, in regards to its claim to be the world’s premier Jewish civil rights organization

This report is the first in a series.

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