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This portfolio presents snapshot summaries of several educational media projects I’ve consulted on, written, designed and/or directed the production of. At the bottom of each summary is a link to the finished video and additional documentation, where available.

  1. SAMS Publishing: “Becoming A Computer Artist” (Book, CD-ROM) >
  2. Wallace Co., Inc.: “The Road To The Baldrige” (Video) >
  3. Mississippi Power & Light (Entergy): “Quality Action Teams” (Video) >


(1) SAMS Publishing: “Becoming A Computer Artist” (Book, CD-ROM)

Background: SAMS Publishing contracted internationally-acclaimed computer artist Chad Little to develop this educational book & companion CD-ROM.

The Challenge: To research, ghostwrite and design major components of the project including “The History of Computer Graphics” (5,800-word script), “Fundamentals of Computer Graphics” (7,250-word script), and “Copyright Basics” (2,100-word text).

The Result: Chad was so thrilled with my performance on this project that he extended a job opportunity at his firm, which I accepted.

See complete project profile here.


(2) Wallace Co., Inc.: “The Road To The Baldrige” (Video)

Background: Wallace Co., Inc., a small distributor of chemical and petrochemical supplies, was facing economic devastation. Only by learning about and applying Total Quality Management principles was its management able to save the company – and go on to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

The Challenge: To write, design and direct the production of a 12:00 video that tells the inspiring story of Wallace’s reinvention of itself. (Note: This was my writing-directorial debut.)

The Result: Wallace was thrilled, and the video has been shown on public television, in training seminars, and in the White House:

“I personally have seen many video productions (regarding Wallace’s Baldridge recognition)… however, none have been able to capture that unique experience or the ‘special moment in time’ that is so alive in our video. It is the highlight of every (Wallace) presentation.”
– Michael Speiss, Executive Vice President

See video and complete project profile here.


(3) Mississippi Power & Light (Entergy): “Quality Action Teams” (Video)

Background: Mississippi Power & Light, a division of Entergy (one of America’s largest utilities), made dramatic improvements in the efficiency in one of its repair operations, by applying the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM).

Challenge: To write and direct an 18:00 documentary video that chronicles how this MP&L team accomplished this feat, for distribution throughout Entergy’s subsidiaries, as an example of TQM applied to problem-solving.

The Result: Entergy was thrilled:

“Thank you and your crew for a wonderful product, and for the manner in which you went about creating that product. […] It has been extremely refreshing to work with a vendor who is able to meet schedule, stay within budget, and remain responsive to our requests.”
– Steve Lee, Senior Facilitator, Total Quality Improvement Coordinator

See video and complete project profile here.



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