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My key skills

The key values that I bring to advocacy projects

My special focus: Liberty

Select client testimonials: Liberty-oriented advocacy



Challenge: To devise a means of conveying the cruel, unspoken impact of welfare entitlement “pushers.” Details here.

Since 1998, I’ve earned a track record of success as an advocacy media consultant and designer. Through my unique combination of creative and business skills, I have helped clients to:

  • Solve difficult advocacy communications challenges.
  • Craft (or re-craft) their logos and core messaging.
  • Develop winning marketing materials and grassroots outreach strategies.

As described in my Advocacy Media Portfolio, clients have raved about my inventiveness, diligence, and the results of my work. The primary focus of my advocacy work – both for clients, and on projects I have initiated – is the advancement and defense of liberty (described below).

My key skills


Challenge: To graphically summarize how a property tax reform proposal would benefit low-income Virginia homeowners. Details here.

As described here, my core skills – developed and proven since 1990 – include:

  • Creative consulting and direction
  • Copy writing
  • Graphic design, with emphasis on analytical visualizations (here, and throughout site)
  • Animation storyboarding & direction (here)
  • Video scripting & direction (here)
  • Investigative research and journalism: See the reports and videos I’ve produced at SaveTheWest.com

BONUS: See a report I produced, “The Need For And Efficacy of Visual Media in Advocacy,” which graphically documents some fascinating scientific research on the subject of visual media as a tool to inform and persuade.

These skills, combined with my:

  • Experience since 1989 in designing, writing and producing corporate communications, advertising, and training media…

… provide a potent, integrated combination of assets for mission-critical advocacy projects.

The key values that I bring to advocacy projects

EDL Welfare entitlement spending

Challenge: To depict the breakdown of annual federal spending on welfare entitlements vs. paid-in entitlements (eg Social Security, Medicare, etc.). Details here.

The key value that I bring to advocacy projects is my ability to view situations from multiple, often conflicting perspectives, then develop innovative, compelling and memorable:

  • Overall communications strategies
  • Graphical/animated depictions of the basic principles behind controversial/complex issues
  • Adaptations of voluminous reports into simplified, graphical/animated formats, for general audiences
  • Litigation support media (visualizations, charts, forensic data diagrams, timelines, etc.)
  • Organizational and project logos, and promotional & fundraising materials

See my Advocacy Media Portfolio.

My special focus: Liberty

As noted in a nearby article, liberty is under assault today as never before – and it is losing. There are a number of serious obstacles to advancing liberty that its advocates must acknowledge and overcome, if it is to have a chance of being rekindled – including:

  • The civic, historical and economic illiteracy of, and misperceptions harbored by typical Americans, and elected officials.
  • The limited reading and functional literacy of many Americans – including our most “educated.”
  • The growing hostility to America and the principles of liberty, by Americans.

To see detailed data on each of these obstacles, and my overall recommendations on how to begin overcoming them, continue to:

“The Obstacles to Advancing Liberty Today”

My highest personal and philosophical goal is to devote all my skills and creativity, and the remainder of my life, to help overcome these obstacles, and to advance liberty in new and innovative ways. To learn more, please see:

“Jon Sutz: A creative asset in the advocacy and defense of liberty”

Select testimonials: Liberty-oriented advocacy

“Jon has made a tremendous contribution to various liberty-oriented organizations in Virginia. In particular, he has been of enormous help to the Jefferson Area Libertarians, and the organizations we are affiliated with. His considerable talents as a creative & media consultant and graphic artist have helped to raise the profile and effectiveness of all these organizations’ communications and outreach efforts.

“Jon has earned a well-justified reputation among his colleagues for high-quality work, delivered when promised. Whenever I am approached by liberty-oriented organizations and candidates in need of help with media materials, Jon is the first person I recommend. Quite simply, Jon is a tremendous resource for the liberty movement.”

James W. Lark III, Ph.D., past Chairman, Libertarian National Committee, 2000-2002
Regarding: My work with the Jefferson Area Libertarians and related liberty-oriented projects in Central Virginia (here)

“Jon has been impressively responsive from the moment I accepted his offer and began to work with him to change our logo. It became immediately clear to me that Jon has a special ability to thoroughly grasp a concept, and display the essential elements of that concept on paper in an integrated, visually-attractive and attention-grabbing design, that has culminated in our new logo… I could not be more pleased with his work and our new relationship.”

Al Aitken, Founder & Chairman, VOTORS (Virginians Over-Taxed on Residences), Culpeper, VA
Regarding: Civic group logo and brochure makeover, general creative consulting (here)

“The pro-liberty movement is fortunate to have Jon Sutz among its ranks. Jon has helped Freestar Media and our ‘Lost Liberty Hotel’ project in a number of key areas. He edited our first press release – which led to national media exposure, thousands in donations and a lasting political impact – and also a vital follow-up press release, and our first newsletter. He worked tirelessly on research and coalition-building at a critical stage in the life of the project. He designed and produced a beautiful logo for the Lost Liberty Hotel, which drives our core message home to millions of Americans. Jon’s creativity, passion and strong work ethic were vital assets to us, and any serious liberty-oriented organization would benefit by enlisting him in its development and outreach efforts.”

Logan Darrow Clements, CEO, Freestar Media, Canoga Park, CA
Regarding the “Lost Liberty Hotel” project, which sought to test the limits of the Kelo vs. City of New London ruling on eminent domain (here)

“Jon has an uncanny grasp of the challenges facing those wishing to advocate liberty in the public square, which are even more significant and complex, given the AIFD’s mission to do so in an environment that encompasses religion, law, philosophy and national security. We found his input on our (existing) website, logo, and the body of other visual and written media we have developed and employ, to be uniquely on-point, and well thought-out. […]
(His) combination of marketing, graphic design, writing, editing and research abilities and knowledge, along with his deep understanding of the ideas of liberty and security, upon which the AIFD is focused, made his contributions not only superb, but unique. He was clearly not only working on our project as a job, but as an individual who loves what he does, and loves the ideas of liberty.”

M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., Founder & President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy
Regarding: Multiple creative services, including logo & website front page redesign, copy writing, research, general media consulting & design (here)

“Over the eight years I have known Jon, he has displayed a rare intellectual grasp of complex issues facing Israel today. Able to wear multiple hats, he is straightforward and genuine – a do-er; no fuss, no drama. He is quick on his feet, asks smart, productive questions, shares unique insights, and often compels one to consider new ideas. His intellect and analytical abilities are excellent, as evidenced in his his many communications and writing skills.

“Jon is well informed and independent in his own work and is able to dive in and master complex material. He is particularly good at sleuthing out Israel’s delegitimizers, tracking and openly and fearlessly challenging them. He is extremely articulate, insightful and fiercely independent. He is persuasive yet respectful when making his positions clear. A great character who inspires confidence and trust, he is a true and passionate warrior for Israel, it’s cause and the Jewish people as a whole.”

Leonard Kristal, Ph.D., Chairman, Jewish Community Relations Council of the East Bay (Oakland, CA), and CEO, Cognisess
Regarding: Various projects that Dr. Kristal and I have worked on to advance facts concerning Israel on the national and international level.




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