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Excerpt from a screen-saver sequence I designed for scientific instruments trade show in Japan.

Since 1990, I have designed and/or directed the production of 3D animation sequences for organizations throughout America and Southeast Asia, including Intel, Sharp Electronics and many others (portfolio). In recent years, however, the bulk of my work has been devoted to developing still-frame analytical graphics & visualizations (“infographics”) for legal and advocacy applications.

My skills in this regard originate in childhood. From my first book:

“As a young child, I was mesmerized by animations. The classic Disney films, and even the animated TV serials I grew up with, represented a unique form of freedom to me, as a budding artist. As my drawing and creative skills evolved, I dreamed of someday learning to design animations. I had no idea how long or difficult a journey it would be, to break into this highly-competitive field.

“But the struggle was worth it. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of being able to turn a blank sheet of paper it into the blueprint for an animation design sequence that solves a difficult communications problem.”

“I’ve now earned a reputation as something of a hybrid graphic designer and lay engineer; I ‘think’ in 3D. And there is nothing I enjoy more than taking ‘dry’ technical subject matter, and transforming it into an animation or visualization that provides that ‘a-HA!’ moment, when the target audience ‘gets it’; when they grasp a concept that one would not ordinarily think could be communicated to someone with less than a very sophisticated intellect.

“My highest purpose is to apply this skill to the advancement of liberty, in America and beyond.”

See my Animation & Visualization Portfolio.

Client raves


Excerpt of a sequence I designed for an instructional-marketing video (SOFTWIND).

My clients and employers have raved about my performance, and the results my work has yielded. Excerpts:

“We cannot be happier with the quality of the animations you produced for us. (They will) help tremendously in this national litigation and I expect juries will relate well, regardless of their geographic location.”
Samuel L. Tarry, Jr., McGuire Woods

“The animation storyboards and key visualizations you designed were exactly what we needed. When we began working together, you suggested creating an all-in-one solution to our global communications needs that would allow us to explain our unique windmill technology, how it is assembled, and how and why it works, regardless of language and cultural barriers. […] Your skills in visualization and analysis are truly remarkable…” (Excerpt at right)
William Welch, Vice President – Development, SOFTWIND, Ltd.

“The power of our [training] program far surpasses any training product I have ever seen. The comprehensive quality of the creative consulting, script writing and storyboard design services that Rainbow provided to us were fundamental to creating training materials that brought our program concepts to life, and made the learning process fun and efficient. Congratulations on a job well done.”
John Picardi, Chief Operating Officer, Lodgistix-HMS

See my Animation & Visualization Portfolio.

Partial major project/client list

My skills have been applied to 3D animation/visualization projects for organizations throughout the U.S. and Southeast Asia, including:

  • McGuire Woods (animations to help this top-20 law firm defend the “Big 3” U.S. auto makers)
  • Lodgistix-HMS (script-storyboards for hospitality industry’s first CD-ROM based training program)
  • SGS-Thomson Microelectronics (“Transputers and Disk Arrays” trade show kiosk)
  • Numerous Japanese advertising agencies, including LYNX, Rainbow Japan, and many others.

See my Animation & Visualization Portfolio.

Animation design & directorial demo reel

This 2:45 demo reel covers the period 1990-1998:

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