“Banking on Ignorance”


Client: Myself
Category: TV/Streaming video series; investigative journalism; coming to BankingOnIgnorance.com, which I own

Banking On Ignorance™ is a concept I’m developing for a proprietary TV/streaming video series, each episode of which will pursue one mission: to publicly expose those who profit by misinforming us about vital issues.

The graphic identity for this series had to be able to instantly convey the basic point: that so long as we are unaware of basic realities, regarding history, economics, politics or cultural issues, we become playthings for political operatives and general charlatans, regardless of their particular variant.

As I am a non-political, non-religious person, I have no dog in this fight – other than to use my various creative skills to help ensure those whose livelihoods are dependent on spreading false or wildly decontextualized information about the issues that matter, are fully exposed and held to public account, in both serious and satirical ways.

I’ve developed a detailed plan for how to construct and promote Banking On Ignorance™.

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