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Calling out the gay and Hollywood activist community for its hypocrisy re its treatment of the CEO of Mozilla, versus that of the CEO of Apple, and the state of Indiana (4/1/15) »

Last year, gay activists forced Mozilla’s founder and CEO to resign, over his $5,000 donation years earlier to a campaign that supported traditional marriage. This ouster was cheered by Hollywood and the gay activist community:

A few days ago, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, wrote a scathing editorial against the new religious freedom law in Indiana (the 20th state to adopt one), which protects business owners from having to perform acts that violate their religious beliefs:

Saudis beheading gayYet Apple operates stores in, and profits from the most gay-oppressive nations in the world, including Saudi Arabia, which has a long history of beheading gays:

Saudi Arabia is also well-known for funding the global distribution of imams, Qu’rans and “educational” programs that support oppression against gays, as being a divine obligation.

So, should we be awaiting the Hollywood and gay communities to rise up and force Cook to be ousted from Apple?

Will they also engage in a massive, 24-7, ‪#‎hashtag-enabled campaign to urge a boycott of all Apple products, until it stops doing business in such nations?

Or, is there some other, unspoken agenda at work here?


A tribute to Hedy Lamarr, and a summons for American celebrities to help defeat genocidal regimes (3/30/15) »

A long time ago, in a Hollywood far, far away… along came a Jewish actress, who had witnessed up close the scourge of an impending genocidal regime, hellbent on conquering the world… and she decided that she could make a difference.

So she helped invent a breakthrough technology for the American military to help ensure that the Nazis could not jam its torpedoes’ radio signals. It’s a technology still in use by our military, and our cell phones, and… you name it. And when not inventing or acting, she helped raise the morale of our soldiers, as well as millions in war bonds.

Oh, how we could use a Hedy Lamarr today, in Hollywood and beyond. To speak out against the new, impending genocidal regimes, whose forefathers were allied with the Nazis back then, and who today revere their legacy*.


An introduction to Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector, and a critical video interview of him (2/24/15) »

For your consideration: The full 1984 interview with Yuri Bezmenov, defected Soviet propaganda master:

People sense that our culture is spinning out of control; that there is more unnecessary social conflict, more authoritarian regulation over every aspect of our lives, and more speech police, who tell us that calling things by their names is “intolerant” or “racist” or whatever.

This is a video interview of a man most Westerners have never heard of – Yuri Bezmenov, aka Tomas Schuman. From 1950-1970 he worked for the KGB as an anti-Western propaganda and cultural subversion specialist, in essence, infiltrating the USA and Canada in order to help create chaos, wipe out our understanding and appreciation of liberty, whitewash the mass murder of the USSR and other socialist states, etc, and sow so much conflict among us that we’d be ready to accept authoritarian controls over our lives, as an alternative to the chaos.

In 1970 he couldn’t do it anymore, and defected to the West. From then until 1984 he struggled to educate us as to what he did, why it worked so well, and how to begin undoing the damage, so we can have a renewed understanding and appreciation of freedom.

We didn’t listen. This was the last major interview he gave, in 1984, in which he lays it all out.

You may not agree with his assessment or prescriptions, but I am posting it here because I believe many will find it worthwhile to consider what this man has to say – after fourteen years of living in the shadows, avoiding Soviet assassination squads that were given orders to kill him, at all costs.

On the power of one inventive being (person or animal) to effect fundamental change, in the cause of freedom (2/1/15) »

Something very beautiful, amidst the madness in our world. A horse decides it deserves to roam freely, and uses its skills to help liberate its friends.
As I come to appreciate the conscious, emotional animals more and more, I am coming to loathe the idea of having them confined for our benefit or amusement (eg aquariums). Freedom – so precious, and so worth the struggle.


Facebook posts in response to news events

Re John Kerry accusing Benjamin Netanyahu for “cheerleading” first Iraq war (3/1/15) »

Let’s see:

1) Sec. Kerry accuses Netanyahu (then a private citizen) of “cheerleading” the 2003 Iraq war, and intones that based on this, we should not listen to anything he has to say.


2) Except, Kerry himself – as a senior U.S. Senator – acted as a “cheerleader” for the 2003 Iraq war, as had the vast majority of his Democratic colleagues, since 1998, and right up to the point of invasion:


Boston Herald, Feb. 14, 2002: Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), a Foreign Relations Committee member, said plotting the best way to remove Saddam poses a daunting challenge for Bush. “There’s no question in my mind that Saddam Hussein has to be toppled one way or another, but the question is how,” he told the Herald.

Kerry, May 3, 2003: I’m the only person running for this job who’s actually fought in a war. I’m not ambivalent about the war [in Iraq]. I believe that before you go to war, it ought to really be the last resort and you should exhaust your diplomatic remedies, but I was in favor of disarming Saddam Hussein, and I’m glad we did. There’s no ambivalence. I believe I bring strength to this ticket: strength about how we maintain a military that is strong, but make ourselves stronger in the world.

In response to the discovery that rather than stopping Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons, the upcoming “deal” will facilitate it (3/1/15) »

(Regarding this article: “Op-Ed: It’s the 6,000 Centrifuges, Stupid”)

If someone were to do a word analysis between the hysterical attacks on those who criticize Obama’s surrender, er, “deal” with the Iranians, to that which was employed before, during and after the “debate” over ObamaCare (which we couldn’t see until it was signed into law – just like the new “Net Neutrality” Internet takeover), they’d find eerie similarities.

In every instance, those who expose the shocking reality are called haters, racists, liars, etc. Then, it’s discovered, for instance, that rather than saving the average American family $2,500 a year in healthcare, ObamaCare is costing 2, 3, 5 times more to the average family – and our Treasury just cut another $150 billion check to the hand-picked “approved” cabal of insurance companies that are losing money hand over fist, to maintain this fraud. It was all in the legislation (that we were “too stupid to see,” because we would have discovered the truth).

Those fiascos are only capable of bankrupting us, and destroying our healthcare system.

This “deal” will eventually enable the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror to produce its own nukes, to fit atop the carnival of ICBMs that it’s been developing for decades.

What could possibly go wrong?


In response to the discovery that Western aid money donated to the Palestinian terror machine has been enabling Islamist terrorists elsewhere (2/28/15) »

jamesfoleyYou don’t say. You mean that the billions of dollars that Western governments and NGOs donate to the Palestinian terror machine aren’t just enabling monsters in Gaza, Judea and Samaria (the “West Bank”)? You mean that money has flowed back out, right back into European cities, to support (often through welfare*), enable and train Islamist terrorists like the ones who just admitted they struck for ISIS in Paris, Copenhagen and elsewhere!?

On the bright side, I’m fully confident that our “news” media will jump all over this, with at least part of the breathless analysis and urgency they gave to the “news” regarding the recent dress-color dust-up, and the dress that was stolen from the Oscar winner.




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