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In July 2015 I developed the following report (here) for SaveTheWest.com, the website I created and edit for Ken Abramowitz, a pro-liberty philanthropist in New York City.  Its purpose is to reveal the facts behind hate crimes in America, using simple infographics based on detailed research I conducted, which is linked at the bottom of the page.

Time cover - IslamophobiaSince the 9/11 attacks, there has been a persistent perception that Muslims in America are at extraordinarily high risk of being the victims of hate crimes. After every Muslim-perpetrated terror attack on U.S. soil (and disrupted plot), civil rights activists, the news media and politicians express concern that there will be a “backlash” against Muslims who had nothing to do with it. This perception has become so ingrained that Time magazine recently ran a cover story asking the inflammatory, implicitly mass-guilt-rendering question, “Is America Islamophobic?”

On the other side are critics who point to law enforcement reports that reveal many of these anti-Muslim hate crimes are discovered to be hoaxes – that they either never occurred, or were perpetrated by Muslims themselves. Still other critics claim that there are relatively few hate crimes perpetrated against Muslims in America, when compared to those perpetrated against Jews.

So what is the truth? Do Muslims in America really face a disproportionately high risk of being victims of hate crimes? What are the actual number of hate crimes reported against Muslims, as compared to the those against Jews, and other minority groups in America?

One of the central purposes of SaveTheWest.com is to compile and publicize verifiable facts about the threats facing America and other Western nations, and how we can better defend ourselves. To advance this mission, we present this infographic slide show, that establishes the facts about hate crimes against Muslims in America, and those perpetrated against Jews and other minorities (continued below):

STW Hate Crimes Report 25July15 Final from JonSutzSTW

Note that all the data used to create this slide show, along with additional data that will place it into further context, is located in a resource page: “Hate Crimes In America” report – data resources.

If you believe there are inaccuracies in this data, or that it is lacking something, please send an email.




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