My Interest in VR

The purpose of this page is:

(1) To introduce myself to principals of VR development studios that are creating/want to create apps that advance public knowledge about vital issues

(2) To showcase some of the ways I could be of value to such studios

My hope is to build a relationship with one such studio, to:

  • Act as a creative resource on an as-needed basis
  • Co-produce the kinds of apps that will demonstrate the incredible potential of VR technology to advance knowledge, enjoyment, understanding and peace – starting with one I’ve envisioned, related to Holocaust education

About me

I am a visualization & graphic designer, writer, multimedia journalist and creative consultant, based in Charlottesville, VA.  My top five skills are:

The first part of my career (1990-2001) was spent designing, writing and/or directing the production of various advertising, corporate communications and skills training media projects, for clients throughout the US and Southeast Asia, including Intel, Sharp Electronics, Japanese advertising agencies, and more.  Many of these projects required me to design and direct the production of 3D animations.

One of my specializations is converting complex and controversial data into visualization-based formats that the average person can quickly understand.  I am also highly experienced in designing storyboards for 3D animations.  Law firms that are engaged in high-value and complex litigation have raved about my ability to synthesize vast amounts of data and expert input, and convert it into still and motion visualizations for courtroom presentations, and single-frame key graphics for juror notebook elements.

9/11 changed everything for me.  I refocused my life to use all my skills to help support and defend freedom, America, Western civilization and free markets.

Some of my work since 9/11 is in the public domain, including documentaries and graphics-based investigative reports that deal with controversial subject matter, which I approach in a 100% nonpartisan fashion.  See  Other parts of my work, particularly for national security-related think tanks, is not public.

The kind of VR studio with which I seek to build a relationship

I believe that as in so many other realms of our lives, technology has often far outpaced our ability to rationally use it, and I believe this is the case in VR.

While VR technology has been put to incredibly good use, for medical and pilot training, law enforcement simulations, and other knowledge-advancing apps, the industry is dominated by fantasy, gaming, travel and adventure-oriented offerings.  I respect those apps that are beautifully produced, but that’s not where I feel I could shine.

The VR studio I seek to build a relationship with is one that:

  • Recognizes the urgent need for knowledge tools that will help enable people build a reality-based framework through which to view the world, and decipher which public figures and institutions are telling us the truth – and which are peddling easily-disprovable lies.
  • Sees VR technology as a potential force-multiplier in creating popular understanding of issues that should be as crystal-clear, and yet, are all but unknown – or about which there are colossal public misperceptions.
  • Wants to distinguish itself for creating apps that present vigorously-vetted facts and evidence concerning critical issues, in simple, beautifully-designed ways – that are unique in the marketplace, and as such, could generate significant revenue and acclaim
  • Sees my potential to help conceive conceive of, design and direct the production of VR apps that fit this model

The kinds of VR projects I want to help develop

“THE CHARLES ZABUSKI VR EXPERIENCE”: The purpose of this project is to design virtual reality apps that translate a Holocaust survivor’s testimony of what he experienced in multiple death camps, into immersive, stereoscopic VR experiences, that will enable any reasonable observer to develop a clear understanding of what it meant to live under Nazis.  If effectively marketed, this apps will help debunk the lie that 40% of Americans now believe: that Israel is doing to the Palestinians what the Nazis did to the Jews.

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