My life mission: To create the “holy grail” of liberty education tools


Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, the term “holy grail” has been used in non-religious contexts, to describe the ultimate solution to a complex problem.

In cancer research, one “holy grail” has been to develop a means by which to safely get tumorous cells to “commit suicide,” while leaving healthy cells unaffected. One Texas scientist has reportedly created the first functional means of doing this. In railroading, one “holy grail” was an automated braking system that would enable all cars to simultaneously slow down, at the press of a button. George Westinghouse created such a device, which transformed the industry and prevented untold deaths and injuries.

The most urgent need in our world is to create a means by which to quickly, easily and persuasively explain the nature, virtue and requirements of liberty, to general audiences, and to do so in a way that is not dependent on language, or foundational knowledge. Since 1993, the central purpose of my life has been to conduct the research and development necessary to make measurable progress towards creating a means of accomplishing this objective, this becoming the first “holy grail” in this realm. Specifically, I define my mission as follows:

“Until and unless a means is developed by which to present the conceptual nature, moral supremacy and requirements of liberty, in a format that functional 12-year-olds in Boston, Barcelona and Beirut can quickly understand, and relate to their own lives, our culture is going to continue disintegrating. The main mission of my life is to design, and help implement a means by which to do this.”

I have developed the theoretical model that, properly developed, meets this criteria. Unfortunately, I have encountered numerous obstacles that I have not been able to overcome. These obstacles fall into several categories:

  1. People
  2. Medical
  3. Financial
  4. Other

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