Client: Davis-Block, Washington, DC
Category: New public relations firm

In late 2010, the public relations firm of Davis-Block was being formed by Lanny Davis, formerly President Clinton’s personal attorney, and Josh Block, formerly the spokesman of AIPAC (American-Israel Public Affairs Committee).

The criteria for developing the logo were fairly strenuous:

  • A strong, balanced identity that would be instantly recognizable
  • To integrate the letters “D” and “B” if possible
  • To be able to stand proudly among the logos of top-tier public relations firms in Washington, DC
  • To be simple and easy to reproduce in multiple media

The project took approximately six weeks to complete, but the clients were very pleased with the result.

Davis-Block went into hiatus, though, after Josh accepted the position of CEO and President of The Israel Project.  Mr. Davis now works with law firm Dilworth-Paxon’s Washington, DC office.


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