Jon Sutz: Multimedia Consulting for Law & Advocacy


Client: Internal application
Category: New logo to market to several indirectly related clientele

Since 2000, I’ve focused my consulting and designing skills in two areas:

When it came time to develop a logo for myself, I found it somewhat tricky to do so, given that while lawyers and advocates are sometimes one and the same (as in the case of the $100 million land use dispute that I helped to resolve, here), many times, they are ideologically opposites.  For example, while I am a staunch advocate of limited, frugal government, many attorneys support expansions of state power and interference in citizens’ lives, and the marketplace.

The approach I took ultimately boiled down to coming up with a design that represents two things:

  • My quest for justice in all areas of life and society – both in the courtroom, and in the court of public opinion, hence, the scales of justice.
  • My belief in the power of well-crafted digital media as the fulcrum that can balances the scale – implicitly, that as long as facts are presented, in context, the reasonably intelligent person can arrive at a good decision.  Thus, the digital pencil.


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