AIFD: Website front page redesign


See a detailed background of the AIFD, and Jon’s work on its behalf, here.


Before-and-after of the AIFD’s website front page

Based on the AIFD’s satisfaction with his work on its logo redesign, the AIFD engaged Jon to generate ideas for redesigning its website, to make it more contemporary, organized and user-friendly.

Below is what the AIFD website interface looks like (click to enlarge):

Jon began by identifying, analyzing and documenting the websites of all of the AIFD’s major “competitors,” defined as think tanks and activist groups that deal with Muslim and counter-terrorism issues in North America. On this basis, Jon was able to make a number of key recommendations to the AIFD, which culminated in this conceptual design for the front page of its new site:


The Result: The AIFD was thrilled with the new website front page design, and all of Jon’s work:

“Jon has provided a vast array of services and input which have been essential to the success of the AIFD, and our efforts to take it to ‘the next level.’ What was profoundly unique about Jon’s contributions to the AIFD is that they were not just limited to the task we initially contracted him for, logo production and a graphics makeover… (H)e also has an uncanny grasp of the challenges facing those wishing to advocate liberty in the public square, which are even more significant and complex, given the AIFD’s mission to do so in an environment that encompasses religion, law, philosophy and national security. We found his input on our (existing) website, logo, and the body of other visual and written media we have developed and employ, to be uniquely on-point, and well thought-out. […]

“Jon’s combination of marketing, graphic design, writing, editing and research abilities and knowledge, along with his deep understanding of the ideas of liberty and security, upon which the AIFD is focused, made his contributions not only superb, but unique. He was clearly not only working on our project as a job, but as an individual who loves what he does, and loves the ideas of liberty.”

M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., Founder & President


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