Freestar Media: Website front page redesign

See a detailed background of Freestar Media and its “Lost Liberty Hotel” project, and Jon’s work on its behalf, here.


Before-and-after of Freestar Media’s website front page design

In addition to the many other creative, design and writing tasks that Jon was performing for Freestar Media, Jon was asked to develop a more dynamic, consolidated and user-friendly “front end” for its website. At the time, the main screen of the website appeared as is shown below:

Jon conducted a detailed needs assessment with Logan Clements, Freestar’s CEO,  and make a number of key recommendations, which culminated in this conceptual design for the front page of its new site:


The Result: Even though it could not be implemented, Freestar was thrilled with Jon’s work in this regard

Unfortunately, despite the best of Logan’s and Jon’s efforts, Freestar’s fundraising goals were not met, and this prevented it from being able to implement Jon’s website improvement recommendations.  Regardless, Logan wrote a stellar letter of recommendation* regarding Jon’s services on the project:

“The pro-liberty movement is fortunate to have Jon Sutz among its ranks.  […] [His] creativity, passion and strong work ethic were vital assets to us, and any serious liberty-oriented organization would benefit by enlisting him in its development and outreach efforts.”

– Logan Darrow Clements, CEO

*See complete letter near the top of this page, the main documentation of Jon’s work on behalf of Freestar Media.


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