Placard art to help fight anti-Israel propaganda


Background: In March-April 2013, the University of California-Berkeley Student Senate was preparing to vote on a proposed resolution, calling on the UC administration to divest from, and boycott Israeli companies, especially those that have facilities in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria (aka “The West Bank”). This action is part of the larger Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (“BDS”) movement, which spreads incendiary lies about Israel, while ignoring the worst human-rights offenders in the world.

Impetus: I received a request from a friend, an adviser to Israel-supporting students at UC-Berkeley, who knows of and respects my unconventional thinking, to help generate ideas for innovative media tools to help combat the Student Senate’s BDS activities.

Approach: I believe that anyone who supports BDS, should not only be opposed, but humiliated and ridiculed, not only for their egregious selective outrage, and inverted morals, but for the terror groups that they ultimately serve to help. This was one of several items of placard art that I wrote, designed and produced, for use in print, video and social media, that use satire to help establish who really benefits from the BDS movement.

Result: Although the UC-Berkeley Student Senate voted for the resolution, my work was deemed helpful, and it opened doors for me to discuss how my creativity and unconventional thinking could help better combat anti-Israel propaganda.


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