America cannot be saved unless, in the very near future, a vibrant minority of young people from across the racial, ethnic and economic divide can begin to view our Founding Fathers as rock stars, and the core ideas that motivated them as being so demonstrably virtuous that they must be defended at all costs. Only in such a situation can it become “cool” to stand for universal, rational, non-contradictory principles of liberty; meaning, that no one’s “rights” can come at the expense of suppression of these same rights, in anyone else. And only in that scenario can men and women live in peace, protected by governments who are chartered only with defending these rights.

All of my projects are designed to advance one mission: to help create in the general public such a tidal wave of support for the essential principles of freedom, and admiration of the founding ideals of the American republic, that it resembles the fervency of people who emerge from Apple stores, after having obtained the first release of its newest product.

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