Theater 1: “How We Got Here”



Continued from “Cinema de Liberty: Introduction”

The following films, from twenty, thirty, fifty years ago, predicted serious trouble for the American republic – the bitter fruit of which we are now bearing (as documented in Theater 2).


A former KGB propagandist explains how the USSR turned Americans against America, and freedom (1984; 13:00) >

“Make Mine Freedom” (1948, 9:30) >

“A Time For Choosing” (1964, Ronald Reagan; 29:30) >

Milton Friedman vs. Phil Donahue on capitalism (1979; 2:30) >

A former KGB propagandist explains how the USSR turned Americans against America, and freedom (1984; 13:00)

Most Americans – including liberty advocates – have never heard of Yuri Bezmenov. Yet the work that he and other top propagandists at the KGB did to subvert America, and inculcate members of at least two generations of Americans with a profound hatred for freedom, and a fetish for statist controls, is responsible for many of the most vexing problems we face today.

Fortunately, Bezmenov defected to the West in 1970, and began pleading with the U.S. to heed his warnings, and his advice.  The following two, crucial videos are parts 8 and 9 of an interview that was produced of Bezmenov in 1984.  See the entire interview in one piece, here.

What you’re about to learn from Bezmenov is the step-by-step process that the USSR employed to inculcate and perpetuate an ideological cancer in America, and why an entire generation will be required to begin to turn back the tide on the bitter harvest that he and his fellow propagandists unleashed upon us.

“Make Mine Freedom” (1948; 9:30)

Back in the days when American colleges taught basic civics, and inculcated a love of knowledge, and of liberty, Harding College distinguished itself with its production of this film.  About as in-your-face of a refutation of communism as could be permitted at that time, it certainly makes its points in an entertaining and informative way.

“A Time For Choosing” (1964, Ronald Reagan; 29:30)

Never before was a more impassioned, fact-filled speech made in 30 minutes that so starkly presents the differences between freedom and statism as this one, delivered on the cusp of the 1964 presidential election.

Milton Friedman vs. Phil Donahue on capitalism (1979; 2:30)

This isn’t actually so much of a “debate” as it is a mauling – Friedman demolishing Donahue’s core collectivist premises, and rendering him speechless.  The sad fact is that Donahue spoke for the vast swath of Americans who, as soon as they hear the word “capitalism,” recoil in revulsion.

Kudos to Donahue, however, for having the courage to feature individuals as Friedman, whose beliefs are diametrically opposite of his own (albeit who have the courtesy to not point out the glaring hypocrisy in one of America’s most successful capitalists, like Donahue, decrying capitalism).

Today’s illuminati (e.g. Olbermann) could learn a lot from Donahue.

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