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Client: Restore The Dream Foundation
Category: New logo to market a civic activist group website; pro bono donation of services

In late 2010, I made the acquaintance of Alex Cortes, founder and chairman of Restore The Dream, a recently-formed nonprofit whose first project was “DefundIt.Org,” an activist website that advocates defunding the new healthcare reform law (“ObamaCare”).

I was extremely impressed with Alex and his ideas, but noted that he had no logos for either organization.  I volunteered to create a graphic logo for DefundIt.Org, and an interim logo, in the form of a font treatment, for Restore The Dream.

Below is the logo that I created for DefundIt.Org; the project is profiled here:

Below is the font treatment that I created for Restore the Dream:

I described my overall approach for this interim logo, for a passage in Restore The Dream’s promotional materials:

“My objective was to develop a type treatment that would have a classic Americana feel, yet retain a wistfulness that is representative of the wide-open dreams and freedoms that our Founders bequeathed to us.

“Whereas the DefundIt.Org logo lent itself to a graphic interpretation that was fairly clear-cut in my mind, this one was far different.  Because of the near-complete breakdown of American civics today, many if not most of our fellow citizens cannot agree on what ‘The American Dream’ even is – or whether it’s still available.

“So, while Alex did not possess the funding at the time to enable me to pursue a full-bore type-and-graphic option for Restore The Dream (which I hope to pursue in the future), I hoped to provide his young organization with a simple type treatment that would serve him well in his initial journey, and could be built upon, later.”

Alex also needed a letterhead, upon which to raise funds for both organizations.  Below is what I developed:

Alex was thrilled with the result of Jon’s work:

“Jon is a tireless patriot with an incredibly creative mind.  He kindly offered his services to create a logo for my organization, and I could not be any happier with his final product.”

Alex Cortes

March 1, 2011 update: Let Freedom Ring has acquired, and hired Alex Cortes as its (LFR’s) Executive Director.


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