Fidelio: “Quartet”


International Property Control Systems
(IPCS, Phoenix, AZ) was a leading developer of hotel property management system (PMS) programs.

IPCS was the U.S. partner of the German-made “Fidelio” PMS (now a division of MICROS), and was creating English-language adaptations of the program, as well as training materials and trade show promotions.

Rainbow Technology Group, at which I was Creative Director, was contracted by IPCS to develop its trade show exhibit for Fidelio, and also to create looped promotional videos to run on TVs near the tops of the displays.

I developed the idea for this video learning from IPCS and Fidelio executives that:

  • The Fidelio PMS integrated more features and control systems than any of its competitors
  • Unlike the risk one runs when adding on or stitching together software modules as they are released, the entire Fidelio PMS was built as a unit, so all the component pieces “play nice together”

Result: IPCS and Fidelio were so happy with this video that they had it adapted into different languages, and showed it at trade shows throughout the world.


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