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Core skills


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The main mission of my life is to design breakthrough media tools and activism projects that will help ignite a peaceful rebirth of liberty in America, and help nurture its expansion throughout the world. The primary means by which I intend to execute this mission is to use all my Core Skills, especially in conceptual visualization, to translate the best available knowledge about the basic principles, moral supremacy, history and requirements of liberty, and the primary threats to its survival, into formats that are so clear, compelling and universally-applicable, that even functional adolescents around the world can understand this data, and relate it to their individual lives. Through this work, and in collaboration with like-minded professionals from other vital fields, my objective is to achieve measurable progress towards the accomplishment of my mission by the end of my life. Learn more here.

Core skills

Creative direction – Graphic design – Technical illustration – Storyboarding for animation & video – Copy & script writing – Investigative journalism – Research – Information architecture – User interface design & analysis


SAVETHEWEST.COM; Consulting editor and video producer, December 2013–present. I created and edit this website for a client in NY, Ken Abramowitz. STW’s purpose is to raise awareness of threats to Western civilization, and present common-sense solutions. Some of my key accomplishments include (more here):

  • Wrote, designed & produced a video documentary about The Huffington Post’s anti-Semitic bias and incitement, dehumanization of Jews, and legitimization of false terrorist narratives. The video earned broad acclaim.
  • Researched & designed an infographic slide show that debunks the false narrative that America is an “Islamophobic” nation, and proves that Muslims are actually among the least-likely victims of hate crimes.
  • Researched & produced a report that challenges many false narratives about the refugee situation, and documents the little-known dangers that the U.S. and Western Europe are bringing onto themselves.
  • Conceived of and developed a satirical “social justice” campaign to champion the “right” of dead people to continue voting in U.S. elections: “The Coalition for Non-Living Americans.” Project profile here.

MULTIMEDIA CONSULTING; 1990–present. I have worked on a wide variety of advertising, legal, corporate communications and liberty-advocacy projects, for clients throughout the U.S. and Southeast Asia. Highlights:

  • Consulted on, designed and produced graphic courtroom presentations for numerous law firms, including several multi-million dollar cases involving U.S. automakers. One client claimed my work was vital in helping it to prevail in the largest land-use dispute in Ft. Lauderdale, FL history ($100m). Portfolio here.
  • Was creative consultant for five years to Zuhdi Jasser, MD, president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, a pro-freedom, anti-Islamist think tank. See some of my work, and his testimonial, here.
  • Developed & illustrated a business plan & marketing materials for a small Virginia homebuilder, that it claims were vital in helping it to win the most prestigious prestigious national award in its industry.
  • Was the creative consultant for the “Lost Liberty Hotel” project, which satirically challenged the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Kelo (eminent domain). The objective was to use eminent domain to seize the home of one of the justices who affirmed Kelo, and turn it into a hotel and restaurant. Project profile here.
  • Wrote and designed a 7:30 animated video for Intel, to help it introduce its new line of wireless modems for portable computers. Video was shown at trade shows throughout the world. Project profile here.

INDEPENDENT RESEARCH & WORK TO ADVANCE LIBERTY; 1990–present. Portfolio here. Highlights:

  • Researched and developed the framework for an educational video series that employs proprietary 3D-animated “concept visualization tools” to explain basic economics, the principles of the clash between liberty and statism, and applies this knowledge to vital historic and current issues. Details upon request.
  • Recently completed my first movie framework (a “treatment”), that tells the story of liberty from the perspective of a man who falls in love with America’s founding ideas, but from afar – while living in a nation steeped in oppression, hate and violence. He earns passage to America, but soon discovers how these ideas, and America, are being subverted from within. A multi-layered love story, war drama, and political thriller with a sci-fi element, climaxing with an epic courtroom battle. Treatment upon request.

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